During the day yesterday on the Big Brother 2017 live feeds there were some interesting conversations to say the least. I want to fill you in on just a few of those in my Big Brother 19 live feeds recap right here! Are you ready to find out what happened yesterday in the Big Brother 19 house?

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap: Week 1 - Saturday

As you can see in the picture above, some of the HGs were excited to discover that they were gifted Big Brother cups, Cody was not one of them. When Jessica tried to give him his set of cups, he refused to take them. Find out more of what happened in the house yesterday on the Big Brother 19 live feeds!

Big Brother Live Feeds

Some of the other Big Brother 19 live feeds highlights of the day yesterday included Cody going around to almost everyone in the house to offer them deals. He literally cut his choices down to only a handful of potential renoms. At the end of the live feeds he seemed to have come down to Christmas and Paul for his renom choices. Remember though, no one in the house knows that Paul has the Pendant of Protection.

If Alex saves herself from eviction with her POV (why wouldn’t she, right?), Cody puts Paul up, Jillian ends up evicted. Cody doesn’t plan on revealing his renom choice until it’s time to pick a renom but he has made it quite clear that he plans on saving the couples and Dominique this week. I’m getting really impatient waiting to find out the renom choice! Who do you think he should put up?

On to the next big highlight on Big Brother 19 was the Alex deal with Cody. Cody mentions time and time again that he wants to try and work with Alex in the future. He offers to protect her and be loyal to her in the game until Jury, which really doesn’t sit well with Jessica, who seems to have a huge issue with Cody wanting to add Alex to his list of allies.

The third thing I think is worth mentioning is Christmas seems to be trying to make the couples a target in the future. The couples at this point include Cody & Jessica, MarkElena and MattRaven and when Mark goes to Cody to make him aware of this, Cody doesn’t seem worried. Alex also mentioned that if she wins HOH she plans on putting Cody and Jessica up on the block, but with the number of allies that they have, this plan might not work out well for her.

I have to say, there is a lot of things going on in the house that can turn into explosive situations in the future. If Cody decides that he wants to BD Paul this week, it’s not going to work out well and that’s going to put a huge target on his back in the future. Especially because Paul has two more weeks to get Cody back for BD him without worrying about being evicted.

Let me know what you think about some of the things I’ve mentioned above. Make sure you come back tonight for my Big Brother 19 live recap!

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