It was a quiet day in the Big Brother 19 house. The Veto Meeting went on without a hitch and the HGs were given food to grill and some backyard games for their own labor day celebration. Keep reading to get all the details of what happened in the Big Brother house right here with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers.

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 10 - Monday

The day started with a conversation between Jason and Josh where Jason asks him if they are voting to keep him this week. Josh hesitates with his answer and Jason calls him out. Josh then tells him that he doesn’t know where he stands with the rest of the house and Jason has a look on his face like “oh crap, I might be going home.”

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Josh then tells Jason that he has a huge secret and he needs Jason to promise he won’t tell anyone what he is about to tell him. I’m in suspense at this point and Jason promises not to say anything even if he gets mad at him. Josh tells Jason that he is a superfan, Jason tells him he already new that. They then talk about the moments they found out they were going to be on Big Brother 19. Moments after this, feeds go down for the Veto Meeting. When the feeds come back up we find out that Alex was taken down and Kevin was renom’d.

You know that stupid pool floaty that Paul has been wearing around the house that he named Trejo? Paul has discovered that he has a hole in him and he is slowly deflating. Christmas tries to fix him with clear nail polish and she is able to fix him. Paul has a conversation with Raven about how they are in a powerful position and they are about to become the strongest duo in the house. He warns her that they have to be careful with Josh and Christmas though.

Kevin and Jason have a chat about how they think the votes will fall. Jason says that he knows Alex isn’t going to vote against him, but that’s the only one he knows for sure. Kevin goes out to walk the yard and he tells us that he doesn’t even care if he ends up being the one evicted because he wouldn’t mind getting away from all the people in the house. Alex goes back to bashing Kevin saying that everyone is going to vote him out and she doesn’t even have to ask anyone to do it. I couldn’t help but laugh at her acting like this because she is just so wrong.

There was a conversation between Christmas, Josh and Paul too where Josh tells Paul that he understood his plan better and that he can fully appreciate the game play. Paul thinks he can talk Alex into throwing the HOH and if she should throw it, he will throw it to Raven, but Christmas tells him that she doesn’t trust Raven. He tells her that he can convince her to throw it to him then and then says he doesn’t want to be HOH for F5. They said that the worst case would be that Alex wins POV and then they can just evict Raven instead. Paul tells her that if they put Alex up at nominations, she is going to gun it for Veto so their best bet is to put Raven and Kevin up instead as pawns and then backdoor Alex.

The rest of the day consisted of Alex complaining about Kevin, like always and the rest of the HGs chatting about life. Josh does some camtalking about how Paul is playing the best game and that he would never betray him or Christmas but when they all get to F3, he is going to start playing his own game. He apparently doesn’t realize that it will be too late by then. Christmas thinks that their trio will take first, second and AFP.

At around 9pm Christmas came out of the DR with an announcement for the HGs. BBAD is giving them a backyard party with food to grill, beer and games for the back yard. During the night, Paul and Christmas are sitting in the hammock and he is telling her how he has hit that point where he is over this game. He is missing home, his pets, his family and music. He starts crying and tells her he got back news from home. We also saw that Trejo is officially dead.

The rest of the night is just them playing games and trash talking Raven and Kevin mostly. There is a little bit of a worry that Alex is going to flip out when Jason is evicted on Thursday and there is talks about throwing the next HOH to Raven so she can take Alex out. What do you think is going to happen on Thursday? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

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