Power of Veto competition day came and went in the Big Brother 19 house yesterday and we all had the hopes of some fireworks in the house. Throughout the day we watched as one HG started to doubt Paul and his intentions. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers for those details!


We watched as the HGs talked game prior to the Veto, then we found out who won the POV and heard game talks after. The ideal plan for Christmas is if the noms stay the same this week, but will things go that way? We will have to wait for tomorrow to find out for sure, but I can tells you there are talks that it might not happen.

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We started the day off with a conversation between Raven and Christmas in the bathroom while they are getting ready for the day. Christmas is telling Raven that Raven is in a better position now that Matt is gone because she can lay low now. Christmas also telling her that Raven shouldn’t get too close to Paul because the other’s would see that as a threat. She tells her that if she wants to align with Alex, that would be a better move. Conversation then shifts to how Alex actually wants them to take a shot at Jason because she doesn’t want to do it herself. They were also wondering if Alex and Jason would use the POV on each other if they won it.

Paul starts with the “this will be a Sunday eviction” crap again. Meanwhile, Jason and Alex are having a conversation about how nervous he is about this whole thing. She tells him not to overreact and explains that Christmas is just trying to keep Kevin calm. Jason is talking about how it doesn’t make to nominate him and Alex if Kevin is the true target. Alex tells Jason that if he is that nervous he should go talk to Paul, wait, what? She is a special kind of stupid. Alex tells Jason that as long as one of them is taken down, they have enough votes for the other to be safe. Oh, how wrong you are Alex. She mentions how Paul’s game last season was based on “friendship,” so they can trust him again this year. I just can’t with her.

There is then a conversation with Jason, Alex and Paul where Paul tell her that if he wins the POV then he will take her down. Moments ago in her conversation with Jason, they were talking about how they should actually try to win the POV instead of throwing it to Paul, but now Paul is telling them how much he (Paul) needs to win it. Alex then tells Josh that it would be best for Paul to win POV so then he would also be safe from renom. She is really eating up the whole “I think Christmas is going to backdoor me” crap that Paul is spewing to her.

The feeds go down for POV players to be pick and when they come back up we find out that Raven, Paul and Kevin have been picked to play with Christmas, Jason and Alex. After this there is an interesting conversation between Josh and Christmas about how Paul will save Alex if he wins POV and that Paul isn’t playing for the three of them, he is playing for himself. HE HAS BEEN ALL SEASON! In the words of Josh “you played yourself!” Josh then tells Christmas that Paul is clearly trying to make someone other than himself look bad and right now Josh and Christmas are those people.

Josh is worried that if they take Jason out then Alex will come after them full force, which isn’t too far from the truth I would imagine. Especially if there is a tie vote and Christmas has to break it. Josh is talking about how if Paul is so concerned about them making it to F3 together than they should be in the loop with all the conversations he is having with everyone else. Paul and Alex when walk in and and conversation switches to how annoyed Alex is with Jason for being so worried this week.

The feeds cut for POV after some chit chat between the HGs and when they come back, we see that Paul is wearing the Veto around his neck. Jason is camtalking and is wondering if he should just lay low until he sees what Paul does with the Veto, but then says that’s probably a bad idea. Paul has a conversation with Josh about who they plan on keeping this week and trying to lead the conversation to keeping Alex.

Jason and Alex have another conversation now that Paul has won the Veto. Jason is still nervous, but Alex is convinced they can trust Paul and that’s why she threw the comp to him. Why are they throwing comp this late in the game??? They are all a special kind of stupid! Later there is a conversation between Josh and Raven about how cocky Jason and Alex are. This turns into them hoping that this week is a Double Eviction so they can get both of them out this week.

Okay, he is my problem with Alex and Jason going, after they are both gone we are left with Christmas who can’t compete in comps, Kevin and Raven who can’t win comps, Josh who is the only one with a half of brain and Paul, the mastermind of the season. Do we all see where this is going???? Anyways, back to the talks in the house.

Josh and Christmas agree that keeping the noms the same is their best bet, but Josh tells her that he doesn’t think Paul will keep them the same. Christmas then asks Josh if this means that he doesn’t trust Paul and Josh tells her that it means that this isn’t about their best interest, it’s about Paul’s best interest. Paul joins the conversation and starts talking about how great of a competitor Alex is and how much trouble they could be in if they don’t get her out after Jason.

Josh gets up and leaves the conversation and Paul and Christmas continue the conversation. They are talking about how Kevin doesn’t want Paul to use the Veto. Paul also shifts the conversation to the votes and Christmas questions why they need to split the vote and he tells her that if they don’t and Alex is in the house, she is going to be angry. They don’t want her to be angry or they are going to be in trouble. She says that if they split the vote this time, then the vote against Alex needs to be unanimous. Paul says he will be responsible for Alex going if he wins HOH.

Paul then has a conversation with Jason about who he should use the Veto on and Jason tells him he doesn’t care. Paul says that Alex wants him to use it on her and Jason tells her that he should. Mentions how he trusts both of them. I’m not going to touch this conversation with my narrative because I’ve already made it clear that I think they are all brainwashed.

We end the night with a conversation between Christmas and Josh where she is trying to talk Josh down about his worries about Paul. Christmas tells him that she sees Paul’s wishy washy game play, but he thinks it benefits them right now too. Josh tells her that he doesn’t like Paul’s claim that he has carried Josh and Christmas and says that he can’t take much more of that.

A part of me wants Josh to win HOH and see if he takes a shot at Paul at the Double Eviction on Thursday night. Also, we noticed that there is another special Friday episode of Big Brother coming up on September 15th, but still no word on what it will. be. Make sure you come back tonight for our live recap of tonight’s episode!

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