Yesterday on the Big Brother 19 live feeds we watched as the plan to blindside two HGs started to really fall into place. Josh has been very vocal the last couple days about not trusting Paul’s intentions, which has probably been the smartest thing Josh has said all season. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to find out if anything could come of this.

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 10 - Sunday

Yesterday on the Big Brother 19 live feeds we found out that Have-Nots are over for the season. Although, I feel like they didn’t really touch on this on the shows all season. The HGs were definitely happy to find out there was no more spiked beds, cold showers and slot in their near future.

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After the HGs find out that there are no more HNs for this season, Raven starts talking about how she has hypothyroidism. Then describes it as hyperthyroidism and says that she refuses to take the medications because it is chemotherapy and it would keep her away from her students because of the radiation. I’m just as confused as you are. The HGs later talk about this new disease claim and have figured out that Raven doesn’t have any of them except for gastroparesis and at this point, they aren’t convinced she has that either. She also continuously adding conditions to her mom’s health too. Her mom also has epilepsy on top of the 100s of other stuff her mom suffers from.

Paul and Christmas have apparently decided that they are going to use the Veto instead of keeping the noms the same. I’m sure this is more Paul’s decision and a little less of Christmas’ decision. Josh questions her and asks her why they aren’t just keeping the noms the same and she tells him that they have to keep her calm by tricking her. She is not going to be fooled by this at all, or maybe she will be, who knows anymore. Josh and Christmas have the conversation about how Paul has had a hand in getting everyone out yet hasn’t gotten his hands dirty. Christmas gets annoyed with Josh and they have an argument about how Paul will have to get his hands dirty eventually, but Josh isn’t convinced.

Josh tells Christmas that they shouldn’t use the veto, but Christmas tells Josh that if they don’t it exposes their plan. Josh then tells Christmas that Paul plans on using two pawns to get Alex out if he wins HOH and Christmas doesn’t like that idea. Josh basically wishes her luck in convincing Paul to do it otherwise. Paul then walks in and tells Josh that he needs Josh to feel good about this plan. Josh later cam talks and tells us that he thinks that this week is a DE (it is) and that’s why Paul is doing so much to cover his tail. Paul has played this game before and he knows there are too many people in the house and they aren’t going to wait much longer to do another DE.

This turns into a conversation where Josh thinks that they should keep noms the same, Paul thinks that they shouldn’t so that there is less chaos (and Alex doesn’t end up mad at him after Jason is evicted) and Christmas gets upset with Josh for questioning Paul. Ugh, this isn’t going to turn out the way we all hope it will. This conversation continues throughout the day and it ends with Paul telling Christmas and Josh that his plan is best. Christmas also questions why Paul wouldn’t put Alex up if he wins HOH next week. He says that if he does that her guard will be up. Josh adds that he also wouldn’t be getting his hands dirty and then goes back to the whole “not using the veto” argument. Paul shuts it down and continues to work on convincing Josh that this is the better idea, Josh says “fine.”

After Josh leaves the room Christmas and Paul discuss whether they should confront Raven and her behavior. Paul thinks that she could flip her vote this week, but Christmas doesn’t think she will. They then talk about Josh and his behavior throughout the day and they both agree they are annoyed with him. Paul tells Christmas that Josh’s gameplay has a lot of similarities to Paul’s gameplay last season.

That is pretty much it for interesting conversations in the house yesterday. The plan has changed from leaving Alex and Jason on the block to using the Veto on Alex and putting Kevin up as a renom. They will then still vote out Jason, which will probably make Alex mad and then she will be all alone in the house while the target for next eviction is her. It is a double eviction this week so we will find out if she is able to pull off a HOH win or a Veto win to put a kink in this plan. What do you think of what’s going on in the house? Do you think there is any chance that the vote might flip to get Kevin out of the house instead of Jason? Stay tuned for the Veto Ceremony results a little later today!

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