Another quiet day in the Big Brother 19 house as the HGs continue to talk about plans for the next week. Kevin and Jason have been enjoying their backyard walks a little more now that one of them is going to the jury house on Thursday. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all the details of what happened inside the Big Brother house yesterday!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 10 - Tuesday

Raven continues to add medical ailments to her stories as she tries to convince the HGs that she has run marathons. The HGs suspect that she is laying low because she has been mixing up her stories too much. The HGs spent most of the day playing with the backyard games from their Labor Day celebration and chatting. One HG is still concerned about Paul, but is it too late for him to convince people that Paul needs to go?

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Jason and Kevin have a chat about what they think the Jury house is going to be like. Kevin is asking about if they are allowed to watch movies and stuff and Jason tells him that they have access to Netflix. They both hope that there are a lot of movies to watch. They are then talking about when the finale is because Kevin was saying that they aren’t going to put a finale in the middle of premiere week for the fall shows. He actually makes a good argument, but they are wondering what’s going to happen because there are still too many HGs in the house.

They then talk about how not talking to the others is hurting their game and they talk about how they haven’t really worked on getting any jury votes. They didn’t really think of it until now. The conversation then turns to who is left in the house and who they think could win this season. They both think that if Alex makes it to F2, she will win. They both also agree that Paul can’t be beat at this point either. They then discuss who they would go after if they stayed and won HOH. Jason says he would go after Raven and Josh or Christmas.

Raven adds more health issues to her list saying that because her mom had breast cancer, Raven has to get checked every six months herself. Christmas tells Raven that her mother had breast cancer too but she just goes for her yearly screenings. Christmas has had enough of Raven’s health complaints and is starting to call her out on her lies. Raven tells Christmas that she has to get checked more often because of all her other diseases. If Raven really has all these diseases, how did she get cleared to be on Big Brother in the first place?

Later on Paul, Alex and Christmas are discussing how the rest of the season will go. Paul thinks that Thursday will go as normal and then there will be a Sunday eviction. What is it with him and the Sunday evictions? There has never been a Sunday eviction. Paul thinks that it is too late in the season to have a Double Eviction and then mentions that the fans wouldn’t like losing two HGs so quickly this late in the season. Ummm, I’m pretty sure most of us would be okay with the season ending tomorrow.

Jason and Raven have a conversation later that night about how Matt was planning to call Cody out in the Jury house for what Cody supposedly told Raven early in the season. When he turned her down because she couldn’t have kids. There is no proof that he said that to her at all by the way. During this conversation Jason asks her if she plans on voting him out, she tells him no. He’s got to think that’s fishy right? I mean, he did have her “boyfriend” evicted from the house.

There is more talk between Josh and Christmas about Paul’s game play. He tells her that he’s on to Paul’s game play and that he is only out to win it for himself, Christmas reminds Josh that is what Paul should be doing. My argument would be that they should also be doing that. Josh says that after Jason is gone, he isn’t convinced that Paul is going to go after Alex next. Christmas tells Josh that if he doesn’t then they are going to have a problem. Josh also mentions that Paul will gain control over Kevin and Raven even if he does get rid of Alex this week and then it will be Paul, Raven and Kevin vs Josh and Christmas in the F5.

Christmas is getting upset with Josh talking like this and says it could ruin their team. Team?? Didn’t they just have the conversation about how Paul should be working to win it for himself and now they are talking about teams? I don’t think that they realize that only one person can win the $500k in the end. Then again in her little camtalking session earlier in the day she mentioned that the only people she would be okay with losing to would be Paul and Josh. How can someone competing for $500k be okay with losing to anyone? This cast infuriates me.

I really wish that Josh would do something about what he is feeling. I wish someone would make a bold move. I’m not talking a move they thinks is bold, I mean an actual bold move. What do you think will shake this house up a bit? What are you hoping will happen tomorrow night at the Double Eviction? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

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