Well things have been pretty calm in the Big Brother 19 house as the season starts to wind down. There was some chatter about plans for next week and there was confirmation that Jason is still the intended target this week. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all the details!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 10 - Wednesday

With tonight being a Double Eviction, we are wondering how things are going to play out. We know who the target is this week and we know who the target is for the second eviction, but will it work out that way? Keep reading to find out what the backup plans are in case it doesn’t happen the way the HGs hope it will.

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The day started off really slow in the Big Brother 19 house, everyone was in and out of bed all morning. Paul tells Alex and Josh that Megan was trying to spread rumors around the house that he knew Raven before the show. Raven’s information was leaked prior to the cast being announced and he claims that Megan said she found proof that him and Raven were friends outside of the house. He plays it off like “could you imagine me being friends with her outside of the house,” and says that Megan was just trying to put a target on him and Raven’s back. For anyone who doesn’t know by now, there is a photo on Raven’s Instagram page of her and Paul at one of his concerts.or a fan meet and greet.

There are talks later between Josh and Paul about how if Alex wins HOH this week Paul should pull away and align with her to keep her from putting Josh and Christmas up. I don’t think they are going to have a problem there because she seems to have it out more for Kevin than Josh or Christmas. Then again, with Jason walking out those doors later tonight, it could be interesting. During this conversation Josh puts an emphasis on the “what if Alex wins HOH” scenario. Josh is also really worried that Alex and Jason will be upset about the betrayal of this whole thing. Josh mentions that they should talk to Jason before the eviction.

Paul and Josh are planning for a fake fight before the HOH to make it look like they aren’t aligned just in case Alex wins HOH. This way Paul can get in with her. There is also a plan for Raven to fight for the HOH this week so she can take a shot at Alex. Paul tells her that if they can win the HOH this week and get Alex out, all they would have to do is get Kevin out and it will be him and Raven against Christmas and Josh for F4.

There is a lot of chit chat throughout the day. Alex mentions that she thinks that a lot of door will open up for her after Big Brother, but tells everyone that the Big Brother fame isn’t going to last long so they will have to act quickly on it. Paul tells them that after last season he saw a lot of YouTube clips of him on the live feeds and couldn’t believe that he said some of the things in the videos.

Paul tells Christmas that if Alex somehow escapes the block that they should get Raven out. Paul tells her that they might want to put Kevin and Raven up and then convince Alex to throw the Veto to him and they pull Raven or Kevin down and renom Alex. I would hope at this stage in the game that no one is throwing anymore comps, but with these HGs you just never know what stupid move they are going to make next.

Tonight we will most likely see Jason walk out the door first and then depending on the fall out, we could see a very angry Alex gun it for the HOH. If she does win the HOH, I’m hoping that she will put her hatred for Kevin aside and target someone who could potentially ruin the rest of her game. Like Paul, Josh or even Christmas because she is a number in this. Raven is also a number, but I would personally keep her for the ride just because she isn’t much of a threat.

Who do you think the F5 will be after tonight’s Double Eviction on Big Brother 19? Let me know!

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