All was a pretty quiet day in the Big Brother 19 house until the nomination ceremony happened, then there were a lot of tears. The HGs were slow to rise after a night of drinking in the Big Brother house. Keep reading to find out what the HGs were talking about going into and coming out of the noms ceremony here with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 11 - Friday

The morning started off with a conversation between Paul and Josh about the nomination plans for this week. The plan was to put Alex and Kevin up, that way one of them is guaranteed to go home. Their real target is Alex and Josh tells Paul that he wants to be upfront and honest with her so that she isn’t surprised on Thursday.

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Paul tells Josh that he can’t tell Alex beforehand and then the conversation shifted to Jason and his reaction to being evicted. They were also surprised that the crowd didn’t cheer right away when Jason left. They think that it was because of Jason’s reaction to the eviction, saying that they were all shocked by his reaction. Josh tells Paul that they cheered after though.

A little later in the day, Josh camtalks and he tells us that he is torn about what to do. He wants to take a shot at Paul, but he is worried that he would blow up his and Christmas’ game. I would be. I don’t think he would be able to convince anyone to vote for Paul to be evicted. Josh is trying to figure out of he should take him out now or wait until F3. I think he should try now for a couple reasons. He doesn’t know that he will have the opportunity to do  it later and well, I want some excitement!

Kevin asks Paul what the plan is this week and Paul tells him that Alex is the target this week and that next week it will either be Kevin or Christmas. Paul knows that Kevin is the target, but doesn’t want to tell him that. Kevin tells Paul that if he wins the HOH he will take a shot at Christmas. After this conversation, Paul goes into the lounge and does some camtalking. He tells us that he threw the DE POV comp and seems pretty convinced that he is in F4. He then tells us that after that all he has to do is get Kevin out. He is hoping that Kevin wins the POV this week and takes himself down.

The feeds go down for noms and when they came up we find out that Alex and Kevin were put up, we knew that was going to happen. Alex is crying and telling Josh that he betrayed her and that he was the last person in the house she trusted. I knew she was faking it because she trusts Paul. As soon as Josh leaves the room, Alex stops crying, wipes her face. looks at the camera and tells us she was faking it.

Meanwhile, Josh is crying to Christmas because he feels bad. Christmas tells him that she can’t be trusted. She tells him that Alex has to go this week because if she sticks around, she is going to retaliate against him. Paul is in the lounge talking to Alex and when he comes out he slaps Josh in the face (it was a light smack, not like a cock back and swing slap) and tells Josh he is an idiot for falling for that and tells Josh that Alex can cry on command!

The rest of the day consisted of Paul, Christmas and Josh talking about how Alex can’t win the POV. Paul tells Kevin the same thing and adds that Kevin should try and win it. However, Paul is worried that if one of them wins that he will be the renom so he tries to get Josh to agree to put Christmas up. Josh freaks out a little about Kevin winning HOH next week and putting Josh and Christmas up. Paul tells Josh that he would be the only one voting and that he would save Josh. (You read that right, Paul really said that)

Josh does some more camtalking. He tells us that he doesn’t know if he should flip the house and try to take Paul out. He says that he can beat Alex and Kevin, but he knows he can’t beat Paul in the end. He tosses around the idea of taking Alex down and putting Paul up. If he does that Kevin will be evicted. I think Josh is banking on Christmas voting for Paul, but I don’t think she would. He thinks that Kevin and Alex would take him to F2 over the other and then realizes that neither Christmas nor Alex would vote for Paul. Why hasn’t he thought of taking Kevin down and having Kevin vote for Paul? If Josh would expose Paul’s gameplay he would be all set, but he won’t for some reason.

There is a long conversation between Alex and Josh about Jason’s eviction and then she starts guilt tripping Josh again. After Alex leaves the room Christmas and then Paul walk in asking what that was all about. Josh tells them that Alex is upset and Christmas starts to get frustrated and tells Josh that Alex is playing with his emotions and that she is going to ruin his game if he keeps letting her bother him. Later in the night Paul has a conversation with Alex about what happened with Josh and she tells him that Josh told her he wanted her out because she is a strong competitor and he can’t beat her or Paul in the end. Paul asks Josh about that a little later, but Josh denies saying it. Paul tells Josh that he will use that as his excuse not to use the POV if he wins it.

Josh seems to be on the fence about this whole Paul thing. I’m curious to see if Josh grows a pair and renom’s Paul if one of the noms should win the veto or if he uses the veto on one of them himself. We will have a better idea of what could happen a little later today after the POV comp is played!

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