It was Veto Ceremony day in the Big Brother 19 house and things didn’t go as one HGs had hoped. If you missed the results of the Veto Ceremony, you can find those right here! In the meantime, keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all the details of yesterday’s Big Brother 19 live feeds!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 11 - Monday

The HGs have noticed that there is some building going on in the backyard already this week. They are suspecting something to happen early this week. They are right. There is an eviction tomorrow night where the F4 HGs will be announced and then Thursday there will be a live show where we find out who will the F3 will be. We also have a special Friday episode this week, but no Sunday episode this weekend.

Live Feeds

We started the day with the Veto Ceremony and when the feeds came back we find out that Paul didn’t use the Veto and Alex is ticked. Paul goes to where Alex is in the Have-Nots room to talk but she tells him that she doesn’t want to talk to him. He asks her if she could just listen to him for a minute or should he just leave, she tells him to leave. She then gets up and closes the door behind him.

Paul goes back upstairs to talk to Josh and Christmas, they are talking about how the Veto Ceremony went and while Paul was talking to Alex, Kevin came up to talk to Josh. Kevin tells Josh that he is a “fighter” and he felt like he needed to have a conversation with Josh just in case. The HGs then talk about how Kevin is getting a stress rash and how he has been going to the DR on his own just to talk to them.

Alex leave the HN room and walk past the memory wall and pats Jason’s picture and apologizes to him. She then tells him that she will see him soon. She goes right back to the HN room where she has put herself in isolation. Josh, Christmas and Paul are studying days and events on and off throughout the day.

Christmas went to the doctor yesterday and when she came back she told all the HGs that she will be walking without crutches by next week. Just in time for the finale. Nothing really happening throughout the day, Alex is talking to herself about how everyone in the house is a liar and how she thinks Paul is still lying about stuff. She mentions how Dominique was right, Paul is a snake. She talks about how Jason wouldn’t have ever done this to her and Paul cost her the whole game.

Kevin cam talks a little bit about his game, hopes he can make F3 so that he never has to go to Jury. Later Alex tells Kevin if he wants to win any of the final comps he is going to have to study dates and events and then Paul tells Kevin to make sure that he doesn’t listen to any dates or events from Alex. Tells Kevin that she wants to trick him. Paul goes back and tells Josh about Alex telling Kevin to study and they both agree that she is being bitter.

Josh tells Paul and Christmas that they should make sure that Kevin and Alex aren’t colluding. Paul is telling Josh that he should unload on Kevin after Alex is evicted so that he is too shaken to perform in the HOH. That is pretty much it for the day on the feeds. Josh didn’t sleep upstairs in the HOH, he slept in the Rose Room with Paul and Christmas.

Oh, there has been some suspicion that there might be a late blooming showmance between Christmas and Paul. They have been sharing a bed for the last few nights and we have seen them rubbing each other’s backs and he was playing with her hair yesterday on the feeds while she had her head in his lap. She has also shared that she is developing feelings for Paul also. They both deny that they are in a showmance, of course.

So as I was saying earlier, there is a special eviction episode tomorrow night. It is not a live show, it is pre-recorded which means that the feeds will most likely go down sometime today and won’t come back until after tomorrow night’s episode. Unless there is a major shift in events, Alex will be going to the jury house at some point today, but we won’t know for sure until tomorrow night! I will be running a new poll a little later today that will be open until next week. Be on the lookout for that.

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