We all had a feeling we knew what was going to happen at this week’s Veto Ceremony on Big Brother 19, however, there has been some chat in the house about making other moves. Mostly by Josh who wasn’t the winner of the POV and had no real control over what was done with it. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to find out what happened at today’s Veto Ceremony!

Big Brother 2017 Spoilers Power of Veto Ceremony - Week 11

At this point in her game, Alex is kicking herself for not listening to Jason because she is currently on the block next to Kevin. Paul implied to her that the POV would not be used on her. She was still hoping that Paul would change his mind up until the POV ceremony. When the feeds came up, we found out if the POV was used and I have the results below!

Live Feeds

After the feeds came back up we found out that Paul didn’t use the POV and when Paul tries to talk to Alex, she shuts him down. She is in the HN room, isolating herself when Paul comes in while she is praying. He is trying to explain to her why he didn’t save her, but she shuts him down by telling him she knows why he didn’t save her. She tells him that she doesn’t want to hear it because she already knows his two points, he is selfish and she doesn’t care. Paul goes up to the HOH room to talk to Josh and he is clearly upset because she won’t listen to him. Josh is trying to pep talk Paul.

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