Yesterday on the Big Brother 19 live feeds Paul implied to Alex that he isn’t using the Power of Veto to save her this week, but then she puts on the guilt trip. This produced some interesting conversations that I would like to break down for you. Keep reading Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all the details of yesterday’s Big Brother live feeds!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 11 - Sunday

The series of conversations on the Big Brother 19 started off with a chat between Paul and Alex. He tells Alex that using the POV on her would be bad for his game. He tells her that if he uses it then he is going to secure his loss in the game going against Josh and Christmas, but if they could convince them to save her, there would be a glimmer of hope, but they (Josh and Christmas) have made it clear that they can’t beat Paul and Alex.

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He continues to talk to her about how if he goes against them then he will lose without a doubt, but he is torn between doing the “homie” thing and losing or possibly winning this game. After about a half hour of listening to him talk, she tells him to do what’s best for his game, but makes sure he knows if the tables were turned she would save him regardless of what anyone told her to do. She also reminds him that if he saved her they would both be playing in the HOH comp and had a better chance of winning it.

She then goes back to guilt-tripping him and tells him she would have taken him to the end even if it meant she lost to him. He continues to play the “if I took you to the end, I would lose” card. He tells Alex that he will start by trying to convince Josh and Christmas to let him use the Veto to save Alex. She reminds him that they want to keep Kevin because they can beat him.

Alex also throws the Jason eviction at Paul telling him that she threw the Veto to him thinking that Kevin was the target and Jason would be safe. She was going to win the Veto and pull Jason off and then questions if they were really going to BD Paul that week. He continues to play it off like he didn’t know Jason was the target so she throws the Raven eviction in his face saying that everyone went against her again except Josh. She then tells him that if he takes Josh or Christmas to F2, they could beat him. She then tells him that he has her and Jason’s vote if he makes it to F2.

Paul then goes upstairs and starts his fake crying with Josh and Christmas trying to make them think that Alex was mean to him. Really? If I were Josh and Christmas I would be wondering when Paul turned into such a pansy? Christmas asked if he told her that they have discussed not using the Veto, but he denies revealing that to her. He didn’t really, but implied it to her.

Josh camtalks and tells us that he is upset with Paul making himself look good and keeping his hands clean during all of this. He is also annoyed that Paul and Christmas are allowed to cover their tracks, but when he does it, he’s wrong.  When Josh goes to talk to Alex, she denies him the opportunity. He goes outside and to think and realized that Paul and Christmas plan on taking each other in F2. Christmas isn’t bringing Josh to F2 and that’s why she is allowing Paul to roll all over Josh’s game.

This is where things get a little interesting. Josh camtalks and tells us that he thinks he is going to try and talk Paul and Christmas into splitting the vote. Convince them that he will take the heat for sending Alex home so they don’t have to. He would then keep Alex to mess with Paul. He says he should tells them in front of Alex to make it a split vote. He says that he will still take Christmas to F2 because he can beat her, Paul will bring Josh because he thinks he can beat Josh (I think he will bring Kevin to F2).

A little later, Josh talks to Alex. He tells her that he didn’t want to go against Jason and he doesn’t want to go against her either. He tells her that he doesn’t know what she and Paul talked about, but he doesn’t feel good about this. She tells him that she doesn’t want to talk game with him. Josh starts to cry and she tells him to knock it off and that she is the only one allowed to cry because she is their target this week. Alex asks Josh to leave him alone. He mentions that he wants to be her friend outside the house, she tells him no.

Christmas and Paul are all worked up because Josh went to talk to Alex and Christmas mentions that she might force him into a tiebreaker situation and put all this on him. Remember, this is exactly what Josh wants. She then pulls Josh into the room and her and she throws it in his face that him talking to Alex could put Christmas out of this game. I’m assuming this is because if Alex stays, she would go after Christmas and Kevin. Christmas throws a temper tantrum and then leaves and slams the door.

Paul then talks to Josh and tells him how upset he is about Josh not following his orders to not talk to Alex. This is because if Josh talks to Alex it could screw up Paul’s game. Josh gets upset because they are allowed to talk to Alex, but Josh isn’t. Josh keep reiterating that they should make it a tie vote so that he can get her out then. Try and fix the situation that Paul tells him he caused. Paul tells him he would force the tie breaker, but he is worried that Josh wouldn’t vote Alex out. Josh reminds him that it isn’t his style to lie about his intentions.

Paul then goes back and tells Alex that Josh could possibly save her if they tie the vote, she tells him that she is done with all of them and calls them all counterfeits. I’m really confused as to who Paul really plans on taking to F2 because he is playing everyone pretty well. He has Alex convinced, Josh convinced, Christmas convinced and even Kevin is convinced that he is Paul’s F2. After her conversation with Paul, he tells Christmas that they won’t have to split the vote because she checked out. Alex is talking to herself saying “friendship is a lie.”

Alex has completely isolated herself and has shut down anyone that tries to talk to her. Josh tells Christmas and Paul that he is proud of the way they have played the game and that he is feeling better about this whole situation. He goes back into trying to convince them to split the vote, but they tell him if they do that then they are just giving Alex more false hope. Alex has Paul figured out and tells us she wished she listened to Jason when she had the chance.

Later today we have the POV ceremony which will most likely end with Alex and Kevin still on the block. Make sure you come back later today to find out!

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