Ladies and gentlemen, we have our Big Brother 19 F5! Considering there was a big blindside in the Double Eviction last night, we were surprised to see the Big Brother HGs so calm last night. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all the details of last night’s live feeds!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 11 - Thursday

As soon as the feeds came back up from last night’s DE on Big Brother we saw as Paul continued to do his damage control. We all saw the “fight” that happened on air last night after Jason was blindsided, well needless to say, Paul and Josh also “made up” on the feeds. Keep reading for all the details of last night’s Big Brother 19 live feeds!

Live Feeds

Ok, so I want to start this off by saying that this group of HGs are going to go down in history as the dumbest group to ever walk into the Big Brother 19 house. I really hope that the new US based Celebrity Big Brother is better than this, but really how can it get any worse?

We started last night’s feeds with a conversation between Paul and Alex where she tells him that she really believes that he was the intended target and she implied that she was glad he won the POV last week and kept himself safe. She tells him that he is her new “ride or die.” Seriously? Josh tells them all that he wants to win this HOH and that they should all take Alex out together as a group. He also suggests that they should tell her if she doesn’t win the POV that she is the target.

A little later, Josh is talking to Paul and Christmas about Kevin. He is confused about how Kevin knew the plan to evict Jason and Paul tells him that Kevin is just really smart. Paul told him the plan and then after this conversation, Paul tells Kevin that everything is still okay and Kevin promises not to tell anyone anything. Paul then tells Kevin that they are going to throw this HOH comp to Christmas and then tells them that either him or Kevin need to win the next one.

Alex tells Paul that he is the only one she can trust (God, she is going to feel really stupid). Paul assures her that he had nothing to do with what happened with Jason and she admits that she considered for a second that he might have been playing her too, but she doesn’t think so now. Alex then tells Paul that she doesn’t trust Christmas and Paul tells her that he would have been evicted if he had gone up instead of Kevin.

The feeds cut for post eviction interviews and the HOH comp and when they come back we see that Josh is wearing the HOH key around his neck. The HGs spent a little time bashing Raven and her stories, Kevin mentions how she did a cartwheel on stage when she left and everyone shut him down saying that she didn’t (she did). They are really just finding reasons to shut him down.

There is a private conversation between Paul and Kevin where Paul tells him that he needs to trust him. Kevin tells him that he could have won that comp easily and Paul points out that Alex can’t win the POV comp and that’s what they need to focus on now. Paul then goes to have a conversation with Josh about what he needs to do with the noms and Josh agrees that he needs to put Kevin and Alex up.

After that Alex got her HOH basket from the DE and then Josh got his HOH basket in the HOH room. They are all sitting around drinking beer and hanging out. Looks like Alex is the intended target this week but if she wins the POV then their backup plan is Kevin. Out of those two options, who would you rather see go? Let me know in the comments below or on social media! Stay tuned to find out who the nominees for eviction will be a little later today!

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