Yesterday the Big Brother 19 live feeds were pretty uneventful, however we did find out who won Round 2 of the final HOH! The feeds went down for six hours for the second round of the final HOH and when they came back up we were listening to Josh and Christmas trying to explain to Paul what the second round comp was. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get the details!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 12 - Saturday

After the comp the HGs spent the night chit chatting and baking cookies, no really they were baking cookies. Josh and Paul are also talk about what they are going to say to Christmas when they don’t pick her to go to F2. There was also some talk on whether Paul and Christmas would be a thing outside the house.

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So we’re going to skip over the boring stuff and jump to the results of the second round of the final HOH. Josh won and beat Christmas by about 5-7 minutes, the stories differ. It was a comp where they had to shoot down cut outs of all the HGs in a question/answer type comp. Christmas told Josh she would have beaten him if she didn’t have to go for more “ammo” to take down Cameron’s cut out. Paul shares with them that while they were gone he slept and lounged around the house.

When Christmas goes to the bathroom to shower, Paul tells Josh “good job” and continues to tell them that they won now, it’s over. Paul is convinced that Josh is going to take Paul to F2, but from what Josh has told us in recent camtalks, he plans on taking it Christmas. Later they talk about what they should tell Christmas when they don’t pick her for F2. Paul tells Josh that if he (Josh) was up against Christmas in F2 that Josh would only get one vote from Jury. He is really working to convince Josh that he is the better option.

Later while Christmas is in the DR, Josh asks Paul about how Christmas always climbs all over Paul while they’re in bed. Paul tells him that Christmas is “dope” but points out that she is 11 years older than him. Josh tells him that doesn’t mean anything and that he has dated woman older than him. Paul then mentions how he has a girl on the outside waiting for him, like he is in prison or something. Nothing else really goes on, they continue to chat while waiting for Christmas to get out of the DR and then they all go to bed.

So, Josh wins the second round of the Final HOH, he will face off against Paul on Wednesday. Whoever wins will then have to pick their F2 partner. Paul has Josh convinced that he is bringing Josh to F2 and has told us the same thing in his camtalks so I don’t really expect that to change. Josh has Paul convinced that he is going to bring Paul to F2, but has told us that he wants to bring Christmas to F2 with him and cut Paul at the finale if he wins Round 3. What do you think will happen on Wednesday’s finale? Let me know!

Just a reminder, there is no episode of Big Brother 19 tonight on CBS due to the Emmy Awards being on. That does it for major announcements this season! The rest of the season will just continue to roll out and Paul will continue to play mind games with Josh in order to secure a F2 spot just in case he loses to Josh in Round 3.

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