Yesterday the Big Brother 19 live feeds were about as exciting as watching paint dry. We are at that point in the season where all the F3 can do is wait for finale night. Now would be a great time for all of you to catch up on the Big Brother 2017 spoilers that you may have missed along the way.

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 12 - Sunday

The F3 on Big Brother 2017 have been speculating when the live finale will happen. They still haven’t been told by production and they also haven’t gotten their suitcases yet so they could pack. There was also a Q&A session between the HGs and BBAD last night where they answered questions for about an hour. Keep reading to find out what kind of questions they had for the F3.

Live Feeds

The entire day was spent with the HGs hanging out, eating and talking. Nothing too interesting going on and then Christmas is called to the DR. Paul and Josh are left to chat alone and while she is gone they talk about the finale and what they are going to do after the show. When Christmas comes out of the DR she has a card from production and a bag in her hand.

She reads the card after Josh and Paul get to the living room and it says that they are on BBAD and that Orwell’s owl’s have been watching all season and they have some questions for them. They are taking turns taking cards out of the bag and they all answer. The first question asks if it is easier to lose weight, gain weight or maintain your weight in the Big Brother house? They all say gain weight, hands down.

Paul is asked who the first person he is going to call when he gets out, he tells us his grandparents. They are asked what foods they miss the most? Josh is asked if he has played any instruments before or if the pots and pans were his first? Christmas is asked what her most meaningful tattoo is and why? Things like that. It wasn’t as interesting as you would think it would be. This went on for about an hour and then the HGs went back out to the hammock.

The only other thing that went on last night that is worth mentioning is Christmas’ camtalking before bed telling us that she is having a pity party. She mentions that she wants to tell the guys to take each other to F2. She says that she wasn’t sure if she was kept in the game because of her broken foot or if she would have stayed this long if it didn’t happen. She mentions being worried about leaving the house and what is going to happen outside the house. They really act like they have been in prison instead of competing for $500k.

Finale night is coming quick! Who do you think will win this season of Big Brother? Let me know in the comments below. I will continue the live feeds recaps until they cut for the season and for everyone who has been asking, we don’t know when that will be.

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