I feel like everyday gets a little bit better on the Big Brother 19 live feeds. Yesterday was the veto ceremony and Paul’s plan became closer to a reality when he used the POV to save Josh. When the live feeds came back, Jessica and Josh were arguing inside the Big Brother 2017 house. Find out what happened at the veto ceremony here!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap: Week 2 - Monday

A lot happened after the Veto Ceremony yesterday morning in the Big Brother 2017 house. Shortly after the Veto meeting there was talking of a hinky vote, there was talk of someone playing both sides of the house and there was a lot of cam talking. Get all the details with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers.

Big Brother Live Feeds

Paul and Kevin are talking and Paul tells Kevin he should throw in a hinky vote for Ramses to cause confusion in the house. Everyone except for Jessica is going to VTE Cody therefore it would be a 9-1-0 vote, but with the hinky vote for Ramses is would be a 8-1-1 vote. Everyone would be confused and it would cause people to take their mind off of the game to figure out who it was. Most of them are going to assume that it was Jason.

Later, Dominique tells Paul that there is going to be a point where he should address what Jessica said about how Josh was a Pawn for both sides of the house. Paul tells her that he will talk to him, but him and Alex were obvious choices when it came to picking pawns this week.

Paul cam talked a little bit about how happy he was that he was able to turn everyone against Cody so quickly. He also mentions how he plans to lay low and let the house start going after each other. He is going on and on about how he was able to get everyone on his side by making promises and keeping them and how now one will vote him out for another few weeks.

We also got some news on Christmas and her foot. She does need surgery to fix her foot. That surgery will take place tomorrow at 3:30PM BBT and should last at least 4 hours. There has also been a lot of talk in the house about who won the $25,000 night one, which was the temptation that brought Paul to the house and sent Cameron home. I wonder why everyone is so concerned about this now? There has been very little talk about the money until yesterday.

There has been some talk about who they plan on targeting next week and it seems to be a common interest to get Jessica and Ramses on the block next week. What do you think of what’s going on in the house so far? Let me know in the comments below!

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