What a day on the Big Brother 19 live feeds yesterday. Things got really interesting when there was conspiracies within Paul’s alliance, Ramses joked that he wasn’t going to throw the POV comp and Cody started planning for the end. Get all the details right here with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap: Week 2 - Saturday

Paul had this elaborate plan of BD’ing Cody at the Veto Ceremony this week on Big Brother 19. Everything would work to his plan if all the players of the POV would throw the comp and allow either him or someone in his group to win the POV. Did everything go to plan? Keep reading to find out!

Big Brother Live Feeds

Ok so let us start with the conspiracies within Paul’s little “alliance,” if that’s what you want to call this. I’m more inclined to call it Paul’s fan club, but that’s not important. Matt mentions something to Paul about Jason talking too much to Cody and that sends Paul into full control freak mode. He is trying to hear what’s going on through the door, he is trying to pump people for information. It’s actually kind of entertaining watching Paul freak out a little.

This all happens before the POV comp happens and we find out that Cody was just telling Jason that he hopes Jessica won’t be exiled when he leaves the house. We see as Jason, Cody and Jessica continue to be really buddy-buddy with each other through the duration of the day. Jason seems to be really torn between being on Paul’s side or Cody’s side this will lead to a decision on Paul’s part later on.

The POV comp was ridiculously long last night. The feeds went down at 4:07 PM BBT and didn’t come back until 9:34 PM BBT. We find out that Paul has won the veto and his plan is going to work out. He plans on taking Josh off the block because if he puts Josh up against Cody, there are too many people that will vote for Josh. He is going to keep Alex on the block against Cody because he knows she has more pull with Jason and he won’t vote her out. She seems ok with this plan and doesn’t seem worried about being voted out.

Cody and Jessica are walking around the house like sad puppy dogs, Cody even follows her to the bathroom and sits on the floor while she is showering. They don’t really talk about anything and the little bit of a conversation they have is Cody making victim noises and Jessica looking worried she might lose her “boyfriend” of three weeks. According to what I’ve seen, it looks like it’s going to be Jessica next week up against Ramses if someone in Paul’s group wins HOH.

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