Alliances have shifted yet again in the Big Brother 2017 house and things aren’t looking good for some of the HGs for next week. All of the Big Brother 19 HGs seem to think this week will be in the bag after the Veto Ceremony which happens later today. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers here to find out what happened yesterday on the live feeds! Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap: Week 2 - Sunday

One HG is finding himself with a target on his back fairly quickly and the alliances are shifting little by little. The Veto Ceremony happens later today and we will find out if things are going to go to plan. Find out the latest on what’s going on in the Big Brother 19 house right here.

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We started off the morning with Mark and Dominique talking about Mark and Elena. He is worried that his relationship with her is fake and that she is using him. He tells her that he just doesn’t want to continue this “relationship” if she isn’t on board with this being something more after the show is over. Dom tells him that he needs to focus on him and if being him means that he needs to separate himself from Elena, then that’s what he needs to do. He wants her gone when they get to jury.

A little later, Cody, Jessica and Jason are all in the pool because they can ditch their costumes in there. They are all talking about how anything can happen in this game. Jason jokes that he could be the one backdoored this week. The conversation then turns into the votes from last eviction and how Cody knew that once Jillian was out, he would be the next target. Cody started making victim noises about people flipping on their votes.

Later this turns into a few conversations happening. First one was Kevin and Paul, Kevin tells Paul that he doesn’t trust Jason anymore and explains to him that he doesn’t like how close he has become with Cody and Jessica. They are talking about the next targets, Ramses, Jason and Jessica. Paul agrees that Jason can’t be trusted. Kevin tells him that Alex is definitely with Paul now and she told him that if she wins HOH she will put Jessica and Ramses up.

The next conversation that happens is between Jason and Josh. Josh is warning Jason that he has put a target on his back by talking to Cody and Jessica. Josh tells him he needs to chill with his contact with them and try and get the target off his back quickly. Otherwise he is going to end up like Cody.

There is then a conversation between Jason and Alex. Alex is telling him that he needs to go repair his relationship with the other side of the house or he is going to be one of the next targets. It’s going to be good for his game if he tries to at least make them think that he is with them. She warns Jason that if the vote count isn’t 10-1 they will think Jason voted against him and that will not be good for him.

Things are getting tense in the house with these alliances. Stay tuned to find out what happens at the Veto Ceremony later today!

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