We started the morning on the Big Brother 19 live feeds a little interesting with a conversation between Cody and Christmas. She wanted to talk to him a bit before she went to have her surgery done because she knew she wouldn’t have much of a chance after she got back today. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get the details on that conversation!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap: Week 2 - Wednesday

Other than the conversation with Christmas and Cody, there were a few other conversations and a minor injury with one of the other Big Brother 19 HGs. Get the rest of the details about yesterday’s Big Brother 2017 live feeds right here!

Big Brother Live Feeds

Yesterday morning started with a conversation between Christmas and Cody before she heads out for the day for her surgery. She asks Cody what started the animosity towards her and what caused him to target her last week during the renom. He tells her that it wasn’t his decision alone and that Mark and Dominique had told him that she had to go because of a comment she made during Dominique’s “talk show.”

From what I understood of the conversation, Dominique was interviewing Mark and the conversation of his relationship with Elena came up. Christmas asked him if it was a romance or a showmance, if it was just for the duration of the show or if something was going to come out of it when they left the Big Brother 19 house.

Christmas tells Cody that this was a legitimate question, she wasn’t asking to be rude or question their relationship in anyway. Cody tells Christmas that right now he is more concerned about Jessica after he leaves and hopes to repair her relationship with the rest of the house. He wants everyone to know that any move he made was his choice and he didn’t tell anyone else what his plans were when he was HOH. Christmas left for her surgery at 10:20AM BBT.

Later we saw as Alex and Jason had a conversation about their game and their alliance going forward. Ramses had gone to her and told her that he wanted to bring Jessica into their alliance, Alex doesn’t trust her at all. They then turn the conversation to whether or not Ramses or Kevin got the $25,000. When Kevin joins the conversation they discuss how it looked like Ramses threw that first HOH comp.

There was a brief HOH room lockdown when production had to come in and fix a leak in the kitchen. About 20 minutes after the feeds come back, Raven falls down the spiral staircase and cuts her foot, hits her head and hits her elbow. Cody comes over and carries Raven to the DR for medical attention. When she comes back we find out she has to get stitches, but not until later. They called a doctor in to do the stitches in her foot about three hours later.

The last thing I want to talk about is Cody’s appearance on Dominique’s talk show last night. The conversation between them is light and he is answering all her questions with a smile on his face and everyone is laughing. Josh asks him a question, just trying to get a rise out of him, but he shuts him down. Earlier in the conversation, Cody mentioned that only one or two people always knew what he plan was and Mark wasn’t happy that he tried to imply that he was one of them.

Mark questions Cody about that, but Cody doesn’t want to talk about it at all. Mark is frustrated because he wants Cody to tell the group who they were because he knows he wasn’t one of them, but they might think he was. Paul asks Cody who they were, but he won’t answer the question. Later, we find out that Paul, Raven and Matt were not happy about the questions Dominique was asking Cody. I’m sure there were a few others that didn’t like it also.

Jason tells Cody and Jessica that they should flip the vote on Ramses, but Jess and Cody know they don’t have the votes for that. Jason says that he is voting for Ramses. HGs are starting to get paranoid about Christmas’ influence on other HGs, there are a lot of mixed emotions in the house and tonight’s eviction could be interesting! Stay tuned for my Big Brother eviction poll coming up soon!

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