What a day in the Big Brother 19 house yesterday! There was a heated argument over a pool game where Josh lost but whined about it so much that Mark said he lost. That started a chain of events in the house and I have all the details here with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap: Week 3 - Monday

This was one of the events that took place after the pool game, I’ll explain what you’re seeing here in a moment. Josh comes back and throws something at him to get him back and it turns into complete chaos in the Big Brother 19 house. Keep reading to get all the details and more about yesterday’s live feeds!

Big Brother Live Feeds

Ok, so the details on what happened during their pool game. Mark and Josh decide to play pool and they also decide to make a silly bet. Whoever loses has to drink a cup of pickle juice and hot sauce, sounds yummy huh? The game is going and it comes down to the eight ball and Josh has a near miss on a shot. Mark has one more ball on the table and takes his shot, but misses.

This is where things get crazy! Josh makes his shot on the eight ball, but manages to double hit it, therefore he scratched and lost. He is not happy about this claiming that Mark double hit balls all game and the fact that he did it on the eight ball shouldn’t mean that he lost. After about 10 minutes of arguing over who won and who lost, Mark bites the bullet and agrees to drink the pickle juice concoction.

Josh goes into the house and puts it into a cup, brings it out and hands it to Mark. Mark asks Josh one more time if he beat Mark fair and square. Josh’s answer to that is “yes, I did.” Well, that was the wrong answer and Mark decided instead of drinking the pickle juice, he was going to throw it in Josh’s face. Mark knows that Josh is going to retaliate against him so he goes to sit next to Elena, uses her as a shield. Josh comes out duel wielding condiments and throws ketchup and mayonnaise all over Mark.

It doesn’t end there, Mark is using the outside shower to clean the ketchup and mayo off and you can here Josh from the other side of the yard screaming. The feeds cut and come back a few times and about 10 minutes later Mark is trying to apologize to Josh, but Josh isn’t listening to him. He is continuing to tell Mark over and over again not to talk to him and then he also starts pointing fingers at Mark and Dominique about them working with Cody.

After Mark goes inside to get away from Josh, Christmas and Dom start arguing because Dom was throwing Christmas’ name around. She tells Christmas that it wasn’t just her, it was everyone in the group and Christmas is trying to figure out why one loyalty should come before the other. Dom is telling her that she always gave her word that she would never vote for her and wanted to know if she would get the same from her. Christmas implies to her that she wouldn’t be voting to keep her.

The rest of the day consisted of the HGs talking about who should be targeted next week. There was also some talks between Alex and Josh about whether she thinks Paul will come after one of them in the future and she said that when his safety is up, he might. Let me know what you think about yesterday’s events and stay tuned for my Favorite HG Poll coming up a little later!

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