Yesterday was an interesting day on the Big Brother live feeds with an early morning house meeting that almost every HG was there for. Kevin wasn’t there and Elena showed up after it ended and added her input then. I’m more interested in some of the conversations that happened after. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get the details!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap: Week 3 - Saturday

This was the look on my face most of the day as I watched the Big Brother 19 live feeds yesterday. After Dominique called an early morning meeting only a couple hours after most of the HGs went to bed, everyone is feeling more confident that Dom needs to go home. Keep reading to find out what other conversations went on in the Big Brother 2017 house.

Big Brother Live Feeds

The day started really late for the HGs as they tried to catch up on some sleep after a very late night and a ton of arguing still going on in the house. Dom goes to talk to Jessica and apologize for her attitude towards her in the past.

Raven and Matthew are talking about why Paul is going after Dom and Matt tells Raven that he didn’t like that their entire agenda was put out in front of everyone. Moments later, Mark and Alex join in the conversation to come up with a plan in case Jason uses the POV to take Jessica down. Mark tells them all flat out that he doesn’t feel comfortable going up against Dom.

Christmas and Jessica are chatting when Dom walks in. Christmas tells her that if she decided that she wanted to clarify some of the stuff she talked about that the house might be more willing to listen now that they are all awake. She also tells her that if she went to the HGs with more information, it might help her position and might prove to the house that she has a fighting game.

There is another conversation in the HOH room with Alex, Mark and Jason where Mark tells them that he thinks Dom ruined any chance he had of saving her. Mark tells them that he will VTE Dom if they don’t put him up as a pawn. Jason keeps mentioning to put Raven up as a pawn, but Alex doesn’t even think they need one, just keep the noms the same.

Jason thinks that the house is faking their agreement to VTE Dom and wants to put someone up they know the rest of the house won’t evict. During the conversation, the three of them figure out that it wasn’t Ramses or Dom that flipped their votes, it was Kevin. Much later Paul tells Alex that she should renom Mark and have Jason pull Jessica down. When Alex goes to tell Mark that this is the plan, he isn’t happy and asks if Dom is the target, why do they have to mess with the noms at all. He pushes for Raven to be the renom because she is safer than he is.

Have-Nots were revealed yesterday during the feeds and they are Mark, Josh and Ramses. Jason had the extension from last week so he will also be a HN this week. After the card is read, Mark and Josh race to the DR for the HN temptation key. They do a random draw for the key and Josh got the key. He picks the wrong box and gets HN extension.

The rest of the day was kind of quiet, can’t wait to see what today has to give us on the Big Brother 19 live feeds!

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