If you were watching the Big Brother 19 live feeds you watched as the HOH went back and forth on what she was going to do at the Veto Ceremony. Jason has one idea, Paul has another and then Alex has a completely different idea on what to do inside the Big Brother house. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers for all the details!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap: Week 3 - Sunday

So what did Alex decide to do with at the Veto Ceremony on Big Brother 19 this week? We aren’t really sure, I’m a little confused. Keep reading to find out the latest in the Veto Ceremony talks and the other HGs plans if they get HOH next week on Big Brother 2017!

Big Brother Live Feeds

We started the day off with Alex and Jason comparing notes and they have decided that next week Jessica and Ramses should be the targets. Which seems to be a common thought throughout the house, although Jason did toy with the idea of putting Matt and Raven up against each other for a moment.

Later on in the day, Paul goes to Alex to make sure she knows that if she doesn’t put Mark up against Dominique this week, he will campaign to keep her. Last we talking about this, Jason wasn’t going to use the POV and they were just going to keep Jessica up there with Dom. Now, Alex wants Mark up there.

Alex goes and has the conversation with Jessica that the POV will be used to take her down and Mark would be put up in her place and Jessica agrees to VTE Dom. A little later, Jason gets nervous about how Mark is going to feel towards him because him using the Veto will result in him going up. Alex also has a conversation with Elena about putting Mark on the block but reassures her that they have the numbers to keep him safe.

Mark is really nervous that if he is put up that he will be evicted this week because of everything that has been going on with Cody planting that bomb with Paul before he left. He tells this to Jason and Elena and Elena promises him that won’t happen. Jason decides again that he just isn’t going to use the Veto. Mark and Elena tell him that he shouldn’t even tell Alex that he isn’t using it, just decide not to use it at the ceremony.

He does end up telling her he isn’t using it and when she gets annoyed, guess what? He decides to use it again after him and Alex go through the votes and realize they do have enough votes to keep Mark in the house. This is getting a little crazy.

Keep in mind, Dominique hasn’t done any kind of campaigning to keep herself in the house. She has made it clear in the past that she just wanted to be on the show for exposure, does she even want to stay in the house? What do you think? She doesn’t seem to be fighting very hard if she does.

Never know though, Jason could use the Veto or he might not. I can’t wait to find out later today what happens! Stay tuned for the results of the Veto Ceremony on Big Brother 19!

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