Yesterday on the Big Brother 19 live feeds we got the details on what happened at the Veto Ceremony and we watched as Paul tried to keep his plan quiet. He has been planning this blindsided vote all week and still has a couple more days to keep it from Jessica, Cody, Elena and Mark. 

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap: Week 4 - Monday

From what I have seen on the feeds the last few days, everyone is in the loop on Paul’s plan except for Jessica, Cody, Ramses, Elena and Mark. They are all still under the impression that it is going to be a unanimous vote for Josh to be evicted. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to find out what happened yesterday on the feeds.

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Aside from the four of them, everyone else in the house is going to be VTE Ramses, which still gives them enough votes to get Ramses out if no one else flips their vote back to Josh. It really is still up in the air as to who will go home because there are a lot of wild card votes in the house. They would need 6 votes to evict one or the other this week. Mark and Elena are voting to evict Josh, 4 more and he is gone.

Paul just needs to try and keep his plan quiet until the live eviction, but he needs to get Josh to start playing it cool around the house. After the Veto Ceremony Josh went into the lounge and was laughing at the cameras because he couldn’t believe that Jessica didn’t pull Ramses down. Paul just wants him to continue to act like he is going home and put on a show. Only reason they are trying to keep him in the house over Ramses is because he is manipulated easily. Ramses isn’t. Plus Paul has had it out for him since the Veto comp that Ramses was supposed to throw.

Yesterday afternoon, Christmas went to talk to Jessica about the votes and asked her if it would be ok for her to throw a sympathy vote in and VTE Ramses instead of Josh, just to make Josh feel like not everyone wanted him out. Jessica tells Christmas that she doesn’t like having Ramses up there and she promised him a unanimous vote and that’s what she wants. Jessica is more confident after this conversation though because she uses it as a sign that everyone is really going to vote out her target. (They aren’t)

There is some chat about who the HGs want to target next week. Kevin asks Paul if he should put up Jessica and Cody, Jason wants Christmas out. Josh is camtalking about wanting to target Cody and Elena.

Later in the day, Jessica tells Kevin that she won the DoT, but she didn’t give him all the details of what it entailed. She told him that she couldn’t be evicted for four weeks, but tells him the punishment is for whoever tries to put her up, which isn’t true.

However, with this conversation, Kevin goes back to Paul and starts throwing ideas around about what the temptation is. He is talking in hypotheticals though. Cody is telling Jessica that he thinks Paul is trying to rally votes for Josh and Jessica is freaking out a little about it. She thinks she can trust Paul, Cody tells her that he doesn’t trust him at all.

Things are going to be interesting this week, I really think that anything can happen at the Big Brother 19 live eviction. What do you think will happen this week at the eviction? Do you think that Paul’s plan will work out or do you think Josh will be sent home? Stay tuned for my Favorite HG Poll coming up soon!

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