Yesterday we saw at the POV players were announced and the POV comp was played on Big Brother 19 live feeds. There was a lot of chatting in the house and some planning of a blindsided vote in the works. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers for some of the details of yesterday’s live feeds!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap: Week 4 - Saturday

One of the conversations in the house was between Cody and Jason where Jason had admitted to Cody that he didn’t VTE Cody. Cody goes upstairs to the HOH and Jason is freaking out either because he realized what he just admitted or because now he is torn about who he should stand by. Jessica is confused as to why Jason would admit that and her and Cody have figured out that it was Christmas that voted to keep Cody.

Big Brother Live Feeds

There is then a conversation between Paul and Jason where Paul is trying to convince Jason to vote Ramses out instead of Josh. He is telling Jason that having Josh in the house will work to their benefit because he will target Cody, Jessica and Mark for them. They won’t have to get their hands dirty.

Kevin and Christmas had a conversation yesterday about the potential for Cody to start winning comps. He is worried about if Cody wins the veto and pulls Ramses down, their whole plan is screwed. He is also worried about Mark, Elena and Matt working with Cody and Jessica, but Christmas tells him that Matt is only acting the part.

Feeds go down to pick Veto Players. When it comes back, Christmas and Matt are talking about how Mark and Elena are floating between their side of the house and Cody and Jessica. Matt suggests that they should throw the HOH to Jason or Alex next week so that they go after Cody and Jessica or Mark and Elena next week. I’m wondering why no one is talking about getting rid of Paul…

Nothing interesting happens until after the Veto Comp, by the way the POV players (including Christmas, so it looks like she competed) are covered in bright paint. Leads me to believe is may have been the exploding memory comp or something along that line. Raven asks Paul if they have enough votes to get Ramses out and he tells her that they do as long and everyone including her and Matt stick to the plan.

Paul continues to tell everyone that things will go to plan as long as Jessica doesn’t use the Veto to take Ramses down. They have to play if cool and not let on about their plan or cause suspicion. Josh and Christmas have a conversation and she tells him that they have the votes to keep him in and then agree that Mark should be the target next week.

The rest of the night consists of Jessica catching Cody up on what happened while he was gone. Cody told her later in the night that he didn’t like that Alex put Jessica up. He tells her that she should have put Alex up this week, but she tells him that she didn’t because things are good with Jason. They then agree that Ramses was a great pawn.

This week is going to be good! Make sure you come back later to find out if Jessica decides to keep the noms the same and make sure you come back tonight for my live recap!

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