We all know what Jessica and Cody were planning this week on Big Brother 19, but we also know, thanks to the feeds, that there is a blindside vote in the works. With more talks of that and talks of who should be targeted next week, the house has been pretty active. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers for the details!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap: Week 4 - Tuesday

Paul is the mastermind this week, as he is almost every week and this plan of his is going to ruffle some feathers. Lucky for him even if Jessica’s and Cody’s side of the house win HOH next week, there still won’t be enough votes to get him out. However, how long until someone else in the Big Brother house realizes he is the biggest threat in the house? I’m willing to bet never, but I guess we will see.

Big Brother Live Feeds

Yesterday the live feeds started off with a chat between Paul and Jason about the possibility of Jessica having the last temptation. This is because Kevin went and put the bug in their ear that he thought it could be her. Paul is confused as to why she didn’t use it last eviction if it was her that got it, she was on the block after all. Paul thinks that it might actually be Mark that has it.

A little later there is a conversation between Ramses and Cody where he reiterates that he will be furious if the vote for Josh to be evicted isn’t unanimous. This is definitely going to be an interesting live eviction this week. Jessica has a conversation with Mark about votes and he tells Jessica that he and Elena are locked to vote out Josh. He mentions to her that he is worried about Christmas voting to keep him, but there is no way that Josh is staying this week. (Boyyyyy is he wrong!)

Paul and Kevin talk later on about wanting Cody and Elena out before Jessica, so it doesn’t really matter if she has the last temptation. Kevin mentions how Matt would be a lost puppy without Raven also, looks like they might be planning a showmance target for next week.

There are some talks between Paul, Matt and Raven later on that sound like Paul is throwing Mark under the bus with them saying that he was talking with Mark and Elena and Elena said she would never target Raven, but Mark said he would. Based on that conversation, Paul has Matt and Raven convinced that Mark is the weaker player and Elena should be evicted first.

Oh, so you remember last week when Mark and Josh had that “food fight”? Well Josh didn’t learn his lesson about betting and decided that he was going to make a bet with Paul about a pillow and whether it was Josh’s or not. Stupidest thing ever, but Josh lost and had to drink the pickle juice and hot sauce, he smelled it and started gagging. He then chugs it and runs to the bathroom to vomit.

The rest of the day consisted of Cody and Jessica talking about votes and Jessica telling Cody that she thinks they will be okay because Mark and Elena are voting to evict Josh. She does realize that it takes more than 2 votes to get him evicted, right? Cody is worried about Paul talking to Matt so much and also thinks that Paul is the one rallying votes to keep Josh.

There are more talks from the other side of the house about putting Mark, Cody or Elena next week by a bunch of the HGs like Christmas, Matt and Raven. What are your thoughts of the events going on in the house this week? Let me know in the comments below! Stay tuned for the results of yesterday’s Favorite HG Poll a little later today! Make sure you put in your votes right here!

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