Yesterday we found out who the Power of Veto players on Big Brother 19 and later last night, we found out who won the POV. The POV comp lasted for almost five hours and afterwards the HGs were pretty tired, but we had some interesting conversations before they went to bed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap: Week 5 - Saturday

The HGs had a long night the night before Veto because they found out that their comp was the BB Storm Watch comp. Jessica is still planning to use the Hex to stop the eviction, but Paul and his side of the house are going to try and convince her not to. Keep reading to find out their ideas!

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After the comp, Paul is talking to Jason, Kevin, Alex and Christmas and they are trying to figure out how to convince Jessica not to use the Hex this week. Alex, Kevin and Jason leave the room mid conversation and go to each and Paul and Christmas continue to talk.

Christmas tells him in order to get Jessica to even consider not using the Hex, he has to make it worth it for her. Promising her that she isn’t on his radar and promising her that she will be able to repair relationships. She also tells him to make sure he mentions that she doesn’t have to throw her game away over a guy who doesn’t care about her game and obviously doesn’t respect her.

Paul goes up to his room because he is waiting for some answers from production and Mark walks in and asks Paul for advice. He asks him what would be the best move for him to get his game back on track. Paul tells him that he needs to lay low and separate from Cody because he is the “plague” of the house. Mark tells Paul that Elena doesn’t want anything to do with him personally because he is a bad look for her. Paul actually gives him some sound advice.

Paul is continuing to explain to Mark why Cody needs to get out of the house as soon as possible. Mainly because of his explosive behavior and the way he acts when he is angry. He tells Mark that Raven was abused and she tells Paul all the time that Cody makes her uncomfortable. He also tells Mark to give Elena her space and allow her the time she needs to get her game on track and if anything they can date after Big Brother.

Elena decided that being a HN wasn’t for her and tried for the HN temptation. While she is waiting to get the key, Paul and Kevin are having a conversation upstairs. Paul and Kevin are having a laid back conversation and talking crap about Cody, as always. The conversation then turns to Christmas needing to stop her meds because people are getting really aggravated with her. She yelled at Kevin twice apparently. Paul is telling Kevin that he is still waiting to be called to the DR to get clarity on the Hex before he goes and gives Jessica her ultimatums. Also told Kevin his plan to take Jason down and leave Jessica and Cody on the block.

A couple things to finish off the night. Elena got the key and chose the wrong box, she is now a have-not for two weeks. Paul got some clarification, but not all the answers he wanted about the hex. Also, Paul decided to stoop to new lows and put Vaseline on the handle of the coffee pot for when Cody goes to make coffee. Jason and Paul also switched out the regular coffee with decaf.

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