The day started as most of us thought it would on the Big Brother 19 live feeds, with Paul talking game to his alliance. There was also a deal made between Paul and Jessica, keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to find out what that deal was!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap: Week 5 - Sunday

Paul was laying it on thick and while he was doing that, the rest of the house was trying to figure out what could happen if she uses her Hex or not. They are all hoping that Jessica doesn’t use it because they all want Cody out and not to make Jury. Keep reading to find out what Jessica asked for in her deal with Paul and more!

Big Brother Live Feeds

The day started off with a chat between Jessica and Paul where he explains to her that there are people who want to go to Jury and don’t want to live in the Jury house with him. She explains to him that she has him sitting here trying to make a deal with her but no one in that house has ever proven that they would actually protect her. The entire house promised to evict Josh and they didn’t and even when Cody was evicted, she was put on the block anyways.

Paul then tells Jessica that Cody isn’t the one keeping her safe, if anything, she is the one keeping him safe. She says she doesn’t want to float through the rest of the house and he tells her that he doesn’t think she would float. Paul then tells her that there were conversations had and the details of that conversation don’t keep her safe. She asks for the details and he tells her that in the first few weeks of the game, there was a conversation with Matt and Cody where Cody told Matt that he wanted to keep Jason and Alex in the house because they would take her and Raven out.

In this talk, Jessica asks for two weeks safety and for whoever wins HOH targets Alex. Paul tells her that he can give her the safety, but he isn’t sure if the whole house will agree on the Alex thing. He said he would talk to everyone. After the meeting with Paul, she goes to talk to Matt about the conversation with Cody early on in the game, but Matt doesn’t want to have the conversation, which make Paul mad because this could have swayed her.

Meanwhile, Paul goes to Jason about the Alex thing, but tells him that if they have to lie to Jessica and make it look like Alex is the target, then that’s what they will do. It won’t matter as long as Cody is out of the house and not in Jury.

Jessica has a talk with Cody and it turns into her questioning him on whether or not her mother is going to love him or hate him. After that she tells him about the conversation that Paul brought up in the HOH room and how Matt refused to give her the information because it wasn’t relevant.

She then asks him about the conversation he supposedly had with Matt about taking her and Raven out. He denies it and gets upset with Jessica for questioning his loyalty to her. Now she understands him protecting Alex all the time. Cody gets so upset with her that he gets up and walks away from her. We all know that it was something that was said earlier in the game.

Paul is continuing to work the house and try and make the Alex thing at least appear to be a go so that his deal with Jessica will happen. Later on we see Jessica, Paul, Elena, Mark, Raven and Mark all talking about the terms of their agreement and they all agree to them. She tells them that if she allows them to vote Cody out because he is the one they want out, then she wants who she wants out. She reiterates the terms because Christmas walked in and they all agree again to the terms.

She then makes sure that she mentions that Cody really is a great person but he isn’t used to situations like this where people stab others in the back because he is so used to being able to trust people with his life in a military setting. She also tells them that if she sees her with him it’s because she isn’t abandoning him, she is just allowing him to be evicted. This is real life, not game.

Throughout the day, Jessica still goes back and forth on whether she is going to honor her agreement with Paul. She has a conversation later with Elena about how she is still conflicted. She also mentions in this conversation that Paul is the only one standing in the way of one of them winning Big Brother 19 and if they took him out the entire game would change. (We have been saying this since day one!) Elena of course goes back and tells Paul that Jessica is still conflicted.

Do you think that Jessica will use the Hex regardless of her deal with Paul? Let me know! I don’t think she could live with herself if she didn’t use it. I think she will use it and then her and Cody will do everything they can to not be the targets next week.

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