Yesterday we found out who won the Temptation Competition and who ended up the three nominees this week on Big Brother 19. There was also a lot of talk from Josh about who his target this week was and it isn’t who everyone thinks! Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all the details!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap: Week 6 - Friday

We had some interesting conversations on the Big Brother 19 live feeds, when they were up. The feeds were down for 10 hours for the Temptation comp and then another hour and a half for noms. In between, we got a lot of information on Josh’s plans for this week of Big Brother 2017!

Big Brother Live Feeds

The day started off with Christmas and Josh talking about his plans this week. She asks Josh how he is and then asks him what he wants to accomplish this week. His answer is completely different than the answer he gives around Paul. Josh tells Christmas that he wants Elena out this week, but Paul is pushing him to do what he wants.

Christmas tells him that he needs to stand up to Paul when it comes to things like him bossing Josh around in the HOH room and Paul asking him to leave his room so that he can talk Elena. Christmas tells him he needs to remind Paul that he is the HOH, not Paul. While they are talking, Jason walks in.

The feeds go down for the HGs to choose whether they are going to play in the Temptation Comp. When they come back, we find out that everyone is participating except for Josh, who was ineligible because he’s HOH and Christmas. The HGs get ready for the comp and then hang out until the comp starts.

Feeds go down for nine hours and 37 minutes for the temptation comp. When it comes back we learn that Cody won and will be safe this week and Jessica lost and is the automatic third nom. Josh has already made up his mind about who he is putting up against Jessica. He asks Kevin to support him this week no matter what.

Josh heads up to his HOH room and Paul comes in afterwards. They are talking about the plan to target Jessica this week, but Josh tells Paul “I don’t know” and starts pushing for Elena to go. He tries to explain to Paul that Elena is playing both sides of the house and she will turn on them in a heartbeat. Not to mention, he is still bitter about Elena voting to evict him last week, but she tries to explain to him that she was kept in the dark about the plam.

While Paul and Josh are talking, Matt comes up and asks if Paul and Mark are going up against Jessica, Paul shutters at the idea of being a pawn and gives Matt a funny look. After he is done talking to Josh he goes downstairs to get Mark for Josh. Josh tells Mark he is a pawn this week and Mark is ok with it. At first he was worried that he was actually the target, but Josh promises him that he isn’t the target.

Paul comes back up and then goes back down to get Elena. When he goes to get Elena, he tells Elena that he tried to volunteer to be a pawn, but he straight out told Matt that he isn’t going up there. When Elena gets upstairs, Josh tells her that she is a pawn because he thinks she is a strong competitor and that she can win the Veto. He really needed to come up with a better excuse if he wanted to make this believable.

Feeds cut for noms and when they come back we find out that Mark and Elena are put on the block with Jessica as planed. The rest of the night consists of Josh talking to Jessica, who is being defensive because she thinks she is the target. Josh offers to talk to her privately, maybe to strike a deal or explain to her that she isn’t his target, but she doesn’t feel like talking to him.

Elena and Paul are talking and she is blaming Paul for her being left out of the loop last week and now she is on the block because of it. Later in the night, Josh has another talk with Paul. Paul tells him that putting Elena up was a good idea, it’s making her squirm. He also tells Josh and Alex that Mark and Elena are acting sketchy and then they spend the rest of the night convincing the house that if Jessica wins Veto then Elena should be evicted.

Elena goes to Josh before bed and starts pleading with him. Telling him that she quit her job to be here and she can’t afford to live if she goes home a week before Jury, but he tries to convince her that he is more worried about Jessica and Cody. After she leaves the HOH room, she goes down and cuddles next to Mark and goes to bed. She is going to work every angle she can this week to ensure she doesn’t go home.

Things are going to get really interesting in the Big Brother 19 house this week and I think there is going to be a lot of people shifting their targets in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to find out who the POV players are and who wins the POV which are coming up a little bit later!

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