Yesterday was Veto Ceremony day in the Big Brother 19 house and we found out if Mark used the veto, who he took off the block if he did and who replaced that person on the block. There was a lot of back and forth before the Veto Ceremony on who Josh was going to put up. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers for the details!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 6 - Monday

There was also a birthday celebration for Kevin yesterday on the Big Brother 19 live feeds for his 56th birthday! Kevin was disappointed that he couldn’t call the group the Dirty Dozen because Jessica and Cody skipped the party. He decided that he would just call the group the Terrific Ten.

Big Brother Live Feeds

We started the day off with a conversation between Josh and Christmas, I feel like this is going to be a new normal in the house. He tells her that he doesn’t feel comfortable putting her up as a pawn because she is his closest ally in the house. Josh decides that he is going to put Raven up even though he knows that her and Matt are probably going to throw it in his face later on.

There is conversation between, Jason, Kevin and Cody where Cody tells them that without Jessica, he doesn’t have anyone in the house. Kevin tells him that he has Kevin and Jason. Cody reminds them that every time he he said he had someone’s back, he did. Mentions Alex as an example and says that he doesn’t understand why she veered away from him. Cody says if he wins HOH, he is gunning for whoever stabbed him in the back that he promised to protect.

Kevin promises Cody that he is not their target next week. That if anyone on their side of the house wins HOH, he will not be nominated. Cody tells Kevin that he is always going to be safe with Cody regardless of how he might act towards him. Cody tells them that there will be some unprecedented things if he wins HOH. Jason tells him that it’s time to turn it up.

Later, Kevin is telling Jason that it’s a good deal with Cody. Jason tells Kevin the only thing he is worried about is Alex and Paul because they don’t get along with Cody. Kevin tells him that they can feel it out with Cody and if he doesn’t like what is going on they will BD him later on. He later tells Kevin that he is on board with working with Cody.

After the Veto Ceremony, the HGs hear a recording of a baby crying and then hear a voice that says “Can someone shut that baby up?” The HGs are freaking out and then nothing. It’s like it didn’t even happen. A little later there is a dog bark over the speakers. There is a jackhammer sound later on and then a lawnmower. Raven starts freaking out about the sounds in the house.

Alex and Jason tell Paul that Christmas is talking about him and Elena behind their backs. Paul accuses Christmas of being paranoid, but we know she isn’t being just paranoid. They think there is no way that anyone but Jessica will go home this week. Paul talks to Josh and Christmas about Mark and Elena, he is trying to get Christmas to think that there isn’t anything going on. Paul talks to Josh about what Josh has heard about Paul and Elena. He tells Paul that Christmas was suggesting he was working with Elena, but Paul tells him he was just doing damage control.

Paul is trying to keep the target off himself by telling Kevin that it is impossible for him to win this game because he is a vet. He tells him that it’s frustrating because he has everyone coming to him for advice and if he doesn’t tell them enough then everyone thinks he is holding back and it puts him a target on him. If he talks too much, then that puts a target on his back too. They then talk about F3 plans, saying that they have to bring Christmas, Josh or Raven with them because they are easy to beat in comps.

What do you think of the chatter in the house? Also, Josh has changed his mind again and has decided to go after Jessica, lets see how long this will last.

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