What a day on the Big Brother 19 live feeds yesterday. There was a lot of pressure on Jessica to win the Power of Veto comp yesterday with the hopes that Cody would be joining. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to find out all the details!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap: Week 6 - Saturday

Paul has been telling Christmas that she should use her Ring of Replacement if Cody got picked for the Power of Veto comp. Josh told her that he didn’t want her to use it because Jessica wasn’t his target and as long as someone didn’t use it to get Elena down, he was getting what he wanted.

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After Christmas and Josh had that conversation, she told Josh that she wouldn’t use her Ring of Replacement, but she did. In the case that Jessica won the POV, Josh was going to use that to sway Paul into getting Elena out, like Josh wanted. Christmas then tries to tell Jessica that her using the ring was not a personal attack on her, Jessica isn’t buying it, but Christmas sticks to her “I like you as a person, but this is a game” speech. The POV players were Josh, Jessica, Mark, Elena, Christmas and Alex.

Josh tells everyone before the POV that he doesn’t want Jessica verbally attacked during the comp. However, Christmas now has him convinced that because of all of this, Jessica will be the one who has to go or she will go after him next week. So what I gathered from this is Christmas told Josh what he wanted to hear, but still had plans to use it so she could tell Josh that Jessica needs to go because she stirred the pot with Jessica.

Josh tells Christmas that he still doesn’t like that Paul is so controlling in this game. He feels like Paul has taken over his HOH, which he has. Paul then walks in and tells Josh that he wants Josh to do the pot and pans thing before the POV, Josh tells him he doesn’t want a repeat of last week though. Minutes later, feeds cut for POV.

When the feeds come back from POV, we find out that Mark won and Christmas and Josh are talking about Christmas going up as a pawn, but Josh suggests using Raven instead. Josh also thinks that he can convince Mark not to use the POV, but when they have that conversation, Mark isn’t budging, he is taking himself off the block regardless of how safe Josh claims he is.

Later, Josh tells Christmas to stop saying she will be a pawn because Raven is spreading that around. They are both pretty sick of Raven. Josh also tells Christmas that he is worried Paul might stir the pot by telling Elena that she was Paul’s target.

Throughout the night, Paul is still suggesting that Josh try and get under Cody’s skin, Josh doesn’t think that’s necessary. There are also a lot of people agreeing to be pawns when Mark uses his veto, Christmas, Raven and Matt have all said they would step up. The rest of the night was just chitter chatter between the HGs.

What do you think Josh should do for a renom? Let me know in the comments below!

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