Is the target Jessica or Elena this week on Big Brother 19? I have to say, after watching yesterday’s feeds I’m a little confused as to who Josh’s target is. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers for all the details of yesterday’s feeds and help me decipher who Josh’s target is this week!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 6 - Sunday

With Mark winning the Power of Veto this week on Big Brother 19, Josh also talked about who he would put up as a renom. Christmas, Raven and Matt all volunteered to go up on the block next to Elena and Jess. Matt and Raven hope that it is one of them so they can use it against Mark later. So who will it be? Find out who Josh is leaning towards and make sure you come back later today to find out!

Big Brother Live Feeds

We started the morning off with Cody talking with Kevin to see if there is a way that they might be able to save Jessica. He even tells Kevin he would be willing to work with anyone he has to if they were able to somehow keep her in the house. Kevin isn’t sure that it could be done at this point. In my opinion, Jessica and Cody should have been spending all their bedroom time trying to fix broken relationships, but that’s just my opinion.

There was a lot of back and forth with Josh and Christmas about who Josh should target. Christmas agrees with him that Jess should go and then the next second she agrees that Elena should go. Meanwhile, Paul is still working the “Jess must go” angle on the other HGs. At one point Josh thinks he has Christmas, Alex, Cody, Jason and Kevin who would vote to evict Elena, but throughout the day Alex is trying to convince Jason that they need to stick with Paul. Alex thinks it’s too early for Elena to go.

There is also some talk about Raven in the house. Paul, Kevin, Jason and Josh are all starting to get a little sick of her. They are all saying that her real personality is starting to show, you can only hide the fake one for so long in the Big Brother house. Later in the day Raven starts talking about all of her conditions, I think they are all a little sick of her talking about that too. She even tells Christmas that if she is put up as a renom she would shout out her condition and pacemaker in her speech.

Kevin has a conversation with Josh a little later in the day. Remember when Cody asked him to try and save Jessica? Well Kevin talks with Josh and when Josh asks him who they should target, Kevin tells him that Jessica should go this week and instead of gunning for Cody next week, try and see if they could use them to get Matt out. Josh talks to Christmas about this conversation and they aren’t really sure what to make of the game that Kevin is playing.

So, I’m really confused as to who Josh is going to target, but he better figure it out soon and start talking people into voting for that person because if it’s Elena, he has a lot of work to do. Who would you prefer he target this week on Big Brother 19? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

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