Yesterday the Big Brother 19 live feeds started off quiet and then they erupted when Jessica, Cody and Josh started going at it. The verbal attacks and pots and pans, but not from the usual suspect, started and quickly stopped. Get all the details here with my Big Brother 2017 live feeds recap!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 6 - Tuesday

Prior to the arguing, Mark was giving the Snapchat glasses and him and Josh start dancing in the mirrors. It was pretty entertaining. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to find out how the fight started in the Big Brother 19 house!

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After Mark got the Snapchat glasses everything was pretty calm, the did their dance, they went outside and then when they came back inside, that’s when things got heated. Josh is trying to get Jessica on the Snapchat glasses but she tells him to go f*** himself and then proceeds to call him a moron. It then goes into Cody and Jessica calling him the dumbest person they have ever met, Josh counters with the fact that he has a degree ad owns his own business.

Jessica and Cody then turn it personal when they start calling his fat. Cody tells him that Josh acts all tough knowing that they can’t do anything to him inside the house and tells him to try this outside the house. Josh tells her that she is going to feel so stupid when she goes back and watches this because he tried and leaves it at that. Jessica then starts banging a wooden spoon on stuff and gets in his face calling him fat. Josh goes upstairs and is in tears. All the HGs come in to try and make him feel better.

After all of this, Paul and Mark are talking about Josh’s argument with Jessica and Paul asks why Mark didn’t come to Josh’s aid when Josh was being attacked by his weight. Mark tells him that he didn’t hear what happened and then it turns into Paul asking him why he still has nothing to say about it. Mark says that nobody stepped in when he felt like he was being attacked by Josh. He tells Paul that he didn’t hear the weight comments because he was talking to Elena and Raven in the living room. Mark says that it’s hard for him to feel back for Josh when he was bullied by Josh.

Later, Jason and Alex are talking about how the Josh and Jessica thing. Jason mentions how Josh is more upset because there’s backlash from his behavior and not so much about being picked on for his weight. Jason also mentions how he doesn’t understand everyone getting mad about what’s going on, but then pushing Josh to continue these behaviors. Jason said it better than I ever could when he said, “Everyone in the house is a bully when it works for them.”

Things have calmed down in the Big Brother 19 house. Everyone has gone back to talking about how Raven annoys them, how Matt and Raven shouldn’t be trusted if they win HOH and Cody and Jessica have secluded themselves in their room. At around 9:24pm BBT production played a siren over the speakers and called for a lockdown. The HGs remain on lockdown and engage in some small talk, but nothing else really happened that’s worth talking about.

What do you think of what happened in the house yesterday between Cody, Jessica and Josh? I feel like this has been an ongoing battle with this group. Also, if you haven’t voted for your favorite HG this week in my Big Brother 19 poll, make sure you do so here and look for the results a little later!

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