Yesterday the Big Brother 19 feeds started off pretty boring, so boring that the HGs were actually talking about how boring the day was. As the day progressed, there were some chats about game play next week. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get the details!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 6 - Wednesday

Jessica and Cody are enjoying their last days together, in their room. Christmas and Josh chat a lot about game throughout the day. There are some plans in place by Paul and his side of the house. Keep reading my Big Brother 19 live feeds recap right here for the details!

Big Brother Live Feeds

The first bit of game talk is between Paul, Alex, and Josh. They are talking about how one of them should throw the Temptation Comp. This way, if Cody doesn’t win HOH, he can’t put himself into the Veto Comp by throwing the Temptation Comp. Keep in mind, this is the final week for the Temptation Comp.

The HGs are still hearing sounds over the speakers throughout the day again. Meanwhile, there is a chat with Christmas and Josh about their group with Alex, Jason, Kevin and Paul. She says she feels good about it, but she has to watch what she says about Kevin in front of Paul because they are really close.

Matthew is talking to Raven about what his plans would be if he won HOH. He tells her that he would put Mark and Elena up but then BD Cody if he had the chance. Raven says they should use Paul as a pawn instead and when they ask Paul, he says he is okay with going up as a pawn.

Mark and Jason are talking while “playing chess”, they aren’t really playing they are whispering back and forth. Mark is talking to him about how everyone is convinced that this is how you play Big Brother because there is a vet in the house and everyone listens to what he tells them to do. Mark asks Jason if everyone in the house hate Cody, because that’s all he hears anyone talking about.

Jason tells him that he considered working with Cody after Jessica left. Mark tells Jason that if he wins HOH he plans to put Paul on the block because they would only need 4 votes to get him out. He tells Jason that Paul being in the house isn’t good for anyone’s game. He tells Jason that this conversation needs to stay between them, not even Alex can be let in on it.

Josh sees that they are outside his room “playing chess” but they haven’t moved a single piece so later he makes it a point to tell Jason and Alex that Mark flips on every ally he has in the house. Josh considers Paul and Christmas to be his closest allies in the house, I’m convinced they are both just playing him.

The feeds went down for two hours between 6pm and 8pm BBT for the HGs to have their Halfway Point Party. After the party there is more chatter. Josh kicks Raven and Matt out of his room, tells Christmas that he is so sick of those two being in his room all the time. He tells her that he has never been close to them and all of a sudden they are around all the time. Christmas tells him if he wants to keep people out, lock the door.

Nothing happened all day to sway the HGs to vote for anyone but Jessica tonight in the Live Eviction. Unless by some miracle something happens today before the live show, it looks like Jessica will be walking out the doors tonight. What do you think about Mark’s chat with Jason about trying to get Paul out sooner rather than later? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

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