Yesterday was Temptation Competition day in the Big Brother 19 house and the HGs spent most of the morning trying to figure out who was going to throw the comp. This was to ensure that Cody wouldn’t be able to throw it to become the third nomination which would give him a spot in the Veto Comp.

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 7 - Friday

The picture above is of a very short, but intense conversation between Paul, Kevin and Jason. I’m just kidding, Paul just always looks like this. After the Temptation Comp was over, Alex found herself having to rethink her nominations. Get all the details of what happened in the house yesterday right here with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers!

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Yesterday we had the HGs planning the Temptation Comp early in the day. They all come up with a plan that someone is going to throw the comp so that Cody can’t. They are worried that if he gets a spot in Veto he will win and stay in the house another week. The plan this week is to backdoor him and get him out.

There is a long conversation in the lounge between Mark, Elena and Josh. Josh has made it clear over and over again that he has feeling for Elena, but won’t act on them out of respect for Mark. Mark keeps telling him that what him and Elena had is over and if Josh really wants to pursue Elena, he has his blessing. Josh still doesn’t want to do it because he doesn’t want to disrespect Mark, then Elena chimes in and asks him “what if I want you to pursue me?” I’m paraphrasing, it was actually a lot raunchier the way she worded it.

Everyone continues to be worried about Cody throwing the Temptation Comp and landing a spot in Veto. Then it’s time for the comp and when the feeds come back we find out that Mark won and is safe for the week and Matt threw it and is the special third nom. This causes Alex to have to rethink her noms because her original plan was to put Elena and Mark on the block. Jason offers to go up as a pawn because he wants to compete in the POV.

Paul and Kevin were talking about Noms and who should go out and of course Paul doesn’t want to go up. Alex kind of wants to put Paul up because he is a strong competitor, but Jason jumped on that grenade for him and offers again to go up. Elena tells Mark that if she goes up as a pawn, she wants to be the one taken off the block with the Veto, but we find out later that isn’t Alex’s plan. We will get to that in a moment.

There is a big argument in the kitchen between Mark and Christmas and of course Josh has to chime in. The argument was about Mark flip flopping between the sides of the house. I’m confused, is there really sides of the house still? I was pretty sure that it was the whole house against Cody at this point. This all started because Christmas accused Mark of working with Cody because he went to talk to him. He isn’t the only one checking in on Cody once in a while though. Paul touches base with Kevin about his communication with Cody later.

Nominations happen and when the feeds come back we find out that Jason and Elena have been put on the block with Matt as the third nom. Mark decides to do some damage control with Alex because of the argument between him and Christmas. Alex tells him that a lot of the house didn’t like that he used the Veto last week and made them change the noms. He looks at her like she has 10 heads and tells says “I’m on the block, with the Veto in my hand, why wouldn’t I use it?” Alex promises him that he wasn’t going to go on the block this week, that’s funny because he was.

Later in the night, Christmas have another conversation about their argument and they both admit to getting caught up in the moment. Mark then promised Christmas that he had no idea that Cody was going to put her on the block week one, this was all brought up in the argument. Paul and Alex later discuss Kevin’s behavior and they both agree that he might have to go soon. They are annoyed with him making deals with Cody behind their back and still talking to Cody.

There was a discussion earlier with Mark and Elena about hoping that Cody gets picked for Veto and wins because he will take her down and then not be renom’d. Mark tells Elena that he thinks Christmas heard this conversation earlier, Elena doesn’t think she did. Later they revisit the conversation because Cody had promised her in the past that he would use the Veto to save her. Elena also tells Mark that she was frustrated with his fight with Christmas earlier and wanted to step in, but she didn’t. Mark thinks he held up his end pretty well considering it was him versus Christmas and Josh. After this conversation they talk about trying to reel Matt and Raven in to make a stronger team and then they head to bed.

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