Yesterday morning on the Big Brother 19 live feeds Cody tried his luck with talking to Alex and Jason again. He outed one of the people who voted for him at his first live eviction, but refused to name the second person. He was hoping that by outing one of them, he would be able to work out some kind of deal that kept him off the block. Find out what happened here with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 7 - Monday

After Cody outed one of the votes to keep him the first time he was evicted, Alex wanted to talk to Paul. Unfortunately, with him being attached to Christmas for his punishment from the POV comp this week, that wasn’t going to happen before the Veto Ceremony. Find out what Alex decided to do and more right here with my Big Brother 2017 live feeds recap!

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Cody outed the vote by Christmas, this was an attempt to let Alex know he can trust that he won’t lie to her. He did mention that he wanted to protect the other vote, which Alex tells Jason later she thinks came from Kevin (it did). Alex wants to talk to Paul about this prior to the Veto Ceremony, but she can’t do that. After the Veto Ceremony we find out that things went as planned, Matt took Jason down and then Alex renom’d Cody.

Jason, Alex and Paul are talking about the HGs after the Veto Ceremony and point out that Mark and Kevin both seem unhappy that Cody was renom’d. The conversation continues about Kevin acting shady and how he is trying to stay on the good side of both sides of the house so that no matter who is in power, he would be safe. Is there really still two sides? Well I guess if you put Mark and Elena on a side, but they think they are in with Paul and his group.

Jason talks to Kevin later about him acting strange, Kevin tells him that he is annoyed that he isn’t allowed to talk to Cody because everyone in the house says so. He has a point, I don’t think I have ever seen a Big Brother season where someone got shunned just for talking to someone.

Mark decides to go for the HN gamble and picks the right box, he is no longer a HN! A little later, Paul and his group are trying to rattle Elena’s cage telling her that Cody is campaigning and has some good points. She asks them if she has anything to worry about and Jason tells her that he could rally the votes. Elena flips out! Josh tells her that Mark has been working with Cody this whole time and Elena tells them that if that’s the case, Mark is a genius because he hasn’t let that on to her at all.

Paul tells Kevin later that Mark has been suggesting they keep Cody and vote out Matt, Raven confirms that Mark said that. Paul says that as long as they have their four votes then it doesn’t matter, but Jason later tells them that it wasn’t Mark that said that, it was Cody going around saying that. They have realized that Cody is spreading bad information! Paul suggests that they should still make Mark think that they think it was him, not Cody.

After picking the right box, Mark tells Elena that he wanted out of the HN room because he was afraid that she would be sleeping next to Josh. Now he can sleep next to Elena instead. Later, Josh decides that he is going to give Mark crap and start a fight with him when he is clearing out his HN bed. Josh tells him that he is sleeping next to Elena, Mark tells him he has been sleeping there all summer. Josh tells him that him sleeping with Elena is going to be a problem, because Josh is. Josh tells him to find somewhere else to sleep and then leaves the room. Josh tells him that he isn’t sleeping next to Cody that’s why he is sleeping here. He then tells Cody to go cuddle with Cody.

This turns into a huge argument with Josh calling him a smart*** and he tells Mark that he isn’t sleeping next to Cody. He tells Mark that he is buddies with Cody so he can sleep out there with Cody. Everyone of course is egging Josh on and getting him all worked up. When Mark tries to get Jason to confirm what he said earlier that he was going to sleep next to Elena, but Jason isn’t getting in the middle of it. Alex then gets into it with Mark about how Josh sleeping there isn’t a big deal and then Christmas says that maybe him and Josh share the bed and Elena can come out here (green BR), Mark says find.

Josh is just really pushing him to sleep with Cody because he is trying to make a point. Josh doesn’t want Mark even in the same room and then it goes back to an argument about Mark stealing pillows. Alex starts going off again about pillows that he took off her bed, even though it’s not her bed this week. She is freaking out on him because he didn’t ask. Mark is being screamed at by Alex again. It is over pillow people, pillows. Pillows that Alex isn’t even using because she is the HOH. She is saying they are hers, but they really aren’t. Mark is trying to make a point about how if those are her pillows then that is his bed. She is still screaming out the pillows. He’s trying to apologize about taking the pillows, but she is still screaming.

Mark walks away. Into a room with Josh who is still going on about sleeping next to Elena, with Elena in the room. She isn’t saying anything about it at all. Elena then talks about the argument with Mark and Alex about the pillows, she is trying to calm him down. Elena implies that she is just going to let Josh sleep there so that the rest of the house doesn’t have a fit. Mark is telling Elena that everyone is trying to make Mark look like he takes, takes and takes, but doesn’t give anything back.

The fighting continues with everyone attacking Mark about him taking things like pillows, Christmas’ slop (which happened weeks ago), Ramses cookies (which also happened weeks ago and Ramses never had a problem with it). Mark is trying to figure out why everyone is attacking him all of a sudden, he is saying that if he wins HOH he will put Paul and Alex on the block.

After all the fighting, Josh ended up sleeping in the same room as Cody, Elena slept with Christmas and Mark slept on the bed that he once share with Elena. Cody still has some hope that some of the HGs will swap away from voting him out, but the chances are pretty slim of that happening. However, it is still only Tuesday and a lot can happen between now and Live Eviction night! Let me know what you think!

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