Yesterday on the Big Brother 19 live feeds we found out who the Have-Nots are for the week, we watched as Alex, Jason and Paul all served their punishments and we watched as Cody tried to make a last minute plea, twice. There are a few other conversations that are worth talking about as the HGs start to think about who to target next, get all the details right here with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers.

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 7 - Sunday

Alex’s morning started off a little rough. As some of you know, she had been given a punishment in this week’s POV Comp, which we will actually watch on Wednesday. This was thanks to Elena taking a cash prize from Alex. Alex is dressed as a park ranger and every time a bugle sounds over the speakers she has to get up, set up a tent, cook hot dogs, offer them to all the HGs and then clean everything up. This happened to her at 4:11am BBT. This picture was taken at 10:15am and then 20 minutes later, the bugle sounded again.

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Elena was quickly made the target after handing Alex this punishment, but not a big enough target for Cody to be forgotten about. In her Have-Nots speech, Alex made it a point to tell Elena that she wasn’t going to go back on her word about promising not to make Elena a HN for her birthday. We found out that Alex didn’t even pick the HNs this week, it was assigned to the first four people out of the HOH comp this week. Kevin, Mark, Jason and Paul. The reason Alex did this was because Elena promised her in the Veto Comp that she wouldn’t curse Alex and she did it anyways.

With Paul being a HN and also connected to Christmas until later tonight, Christmas is a HN by default and neither of them are happy about it. Paul went and got the HN temptation key to try and get out of it, but then returned the key to Production because it wasn’t worth the risk for him. While Paul and Christmas were trying out the HN bed and trying to get a comfortable position, Christmas mentions that her cast is coming off next week.

Cody has been trying to reinsert himself into the group and he has done a pretty good job at it, unfortunately, it might be too little too late. He tried to talk to Alex while she was serving her hot dogs at 4:30am, but she told him that she had no power over what happened with the Veto. We all know that’s a lie, she just doesn’t want to make Paul made and become the next target. Later last night Cody tries to have another conversation with Alex and Jason and it seems to be a little productive, but we see shortly after Cody leaves that once people from her group start pouring into the HOH room, she starts to talk about the entire conversation. She had no intentions of taking Cody’s chat with her seriously.

Kevin has managed to put a pretty big target on his back this week. Since when is someone not allowed to talk to someone else just because they are on the block? Well when you put that together with the fact that Kevin tried to make a deal with Cody and mentioned other allies names in it who were not let in on the deal prior, that tends to make some people mad. By some people, I mean Paul and then everyone else kind of falls in line. I still can’t believe that everyone trusts Paul is going to bring them to F3 with him. They do realize that there are 6 of them and not all can be in F3, right?

The Alex and the rest of their crew are talking about Double Eviction plans. They know one is coming up, but have no idea that it is this week. They all agree that Mark and Elena are the ones who will go up and if by chance one of them gets taken down, they will put one of their own up as a pawn. Christmas wants Mark out first if they both manage to stay on the block.

Cody goes back to Alex to talk to her again and after he leaves the room, everyone else starts pouring in again.  He tried a little bit of everything last night while talking to Alex. He threw Raven under the bus about her cat ears and Coke from her first HOH, reminds them how he never targeted either of them and even stuck his neck out for Jason early on. He tells her that the true target in this house is Paul and he is the only one in the house that will make that move and not think twice about it. She is worried that they will never have the numbers and Cody tells her that it will be a struggle early on but if they can each win an HOH and pick off one by one, they will then have the numbers. They talk about Cody’s pleas for a while and Alex is clearly just listening to Cody talk without really putting his ideas into consideration.

We will find out for sure what happens at the Veto Ceremony a little later today, but I wouldn’t expect her to change her mind about putting Cody up. Not unless someone manages to really screw something up during the day today. Stay tuned to get the results of the Veto Ceremony later on!

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