Last night on Big Brother 19 we watched as another HG left the Big Brother house and a new HOH was named. After the live show, the feeds came back to everyone celebrating in the kitchen, except for Cody. Keep reading to get all the details of last night’s live feeds right here with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 7 - Thursday

Cody has taken up residency in the Have-Not room, Paul asks Josh if he would be willing to be a HN this week. This is an attempt to drive Cody crazy and knock him off his game. There was a lot of game talk and talk about who their targets will be. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 live feeds recap right here!

Big Brother Live Feeds

Everyone has agreed to play in the temptation comp and they plan on having one of their own throw it. Cody will most likely throw it to be the third nom so that he can be guaranteed spot in the Power of Veto comp. It is very obvious that they plan on backdooring Cody this week, what a surprise. Alex has decided that she is going to put Mark and Elena up as pawns and then whoever wins the POV will take one of them down and they will renom Cody.

Jessica’s eviction interview takes over the Live Feeds cams. She is talking about how she wants to punch Alex in the face for her goodbye message. She tells us that she isn’t surprised by the way the votes went and she believed that she was the target before noms. She also mentions that she isn’t sure that she believes Elena was the target because Christmas used her temptation to take Cody out of the POV which was something Jessica needed. She also says that she respects the way that Paul plays the game and she didn’t align with Paul because she wanted to play her own game.

After Jessica’s interview ends and the feeds come back, the sound effects return. We hear a conversation between Jason and Raven where he tells her that Cody tried to get him and Kevin to vote her out. She is obviously upset, but she does realize that he was campaigning to save his girlfriend and Elena was a friend of Jess’s at one point. He isn’t going to campaign against her. She then tells Matt that she will flip Cody off if he tries to talk to her. Kevin finds out that Jason tells her that and he gets mad because that didn’t happen, he’s sick of Raven at this point.

There is a conversation between Cody and Kevin. Cody tells Kevin that he is definitely competing in the Temptation Comp. The conversation turns to Cody’s relationship with Jess will continue outside the house. Cody also tells Kevin that he doesn’t understand why Alex has turned against him. He also says that he’s maintaining his respect for her and really does want her to do well in this game.

Paul and Kevin are discussing Jessica and Cody’s show edits. He is really obsessed with what people think about him, he has mentioned this concern in the past and mentions it a few more times last night. He thinks that people are probably seeing him as a villain for wanting to break up the showmances. Actually, that’s not what it is Paul.

Alex and Jason talk about the noms and he suggests that she put Elena and Matt up instead because if Elena is taken down, they can get rid of Matt. Everyone is sick of him and Raven at this point. Later, Alex mentions wanting to put Matt up with Mark, Paul questions Alex’s plan to do that and says that if she put Elena and Matt up she would still have the chance to split up a showmance if Cody wins POV. There is a lot of back and forth with this. Mark and Elena, Matt and Raven, Elena and Matt, Matt and Mark, they really can’t make up their minds as to what the best move is.

Cody remains the target, but in the case that he wins the Temptation Comp and gets safety again, they have a plan to break up another showmance, which one? We aren’t sure. There was also a lot of talk between Matt, Raven and Jason about there possibly being a DE this week, they are right! This Thursday, August 17th will be a double eviction. There is also a special episode of Big Brother 2017 coming up Friday August 18th. We aren’t sure what that episode will consist of, but as soon as I know you will too!

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