Yesterday’s Big Brother 19 live feeds started a little boring, until Cody decided he was going to eat a bowl of cereal and Alex freaked out because it was the last of the one she liked. Seriously? First Mark stole HER pillows and now Cody is eating HER cereal. She does realize that nothing in the Big Brother 2017 house actually belongs to her, right?

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 7 - Tuesday

Now, I could understand it was her cereal that was in her HOH basket, but wouldn’t she just bring it back upstairs when she was done with it? Either way, this turned into Alex freaking out on Cody. Jason chimed in when Cody told them that he wished everyone would just stop trying to be nice to him. Jason told him that he definitely sealed that deal. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers for the rest of the details!

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After Cody had enough of listening to them scream at him about a bowl of cereal, he left the room to get away from the madness. This turns into everyone questioning Mark about his alliance with Cody week one and if it continued after that. Mark is trying to tell everyone that he never had an alliance after that and never had a F2 deal with Cody. Paul then asks Mark if he knew that he was going to put Paul up and he tells Paul that he didn’t. When Cody comes back out of the bathroom, they ask Cody if Mark knew Paul was going up, he tells him that he mentioned it to him one time and he was resistant about the idea. Paul then asks Cody if there was a new alliance between him and Mark when he came back into the house and he tells him there wasn’t and that they were friends on a personal level, not in game.

Mark then tries to hash things out with the rest of the house because everyone thinks that he has been working with Cody this whole time and it looks bad for his game. After Cody leaves the room and goes outside, this turns into a heated discussion about the exchange between Alex and Cody. Moments later, it turns into an argument between Elena and Josh about him putting her on the block. This goes back and forth for a half hour. Each HG takes a turn attacking Elena for something she has done in the game or to Mark in the house.

After all this, Paul brings the conversation back to Cody, he is the target this week after all. After Elena has enough of the yelling and screaming she goes outside to hang out with Cody and the HG go crazy about it! After things finally cool down, Mark tries to talk to Alex and Jason and clear the air about what happened earlier. They fill Mark in on some of the other things that Elena has said about him and Alex warns him that she drops him whenever it’s bad for her game. She isn’t loyal to anyone, even him.

Cody has a conversation with Paul and Kevin later on too and he tells them that the only reason that Christmas ended up nominated when he was HOH was because he had already gone through a third of the HGs. He didn’t really have a plan for that. Mark and Elena have a conversation later also and they are comparing notes about what they are hearing around the house. They are both pretty upset with Paul and then way he is pitting everyone in the house against them. Elena says that Alex and Josh should be put up if one of them win HOH, Mark says that Paul has to be put up.

Everyone in the house is noticing that Mark and Elena are becoming close again, they were both kind of exiled. Jason warns Alex later that if she continues to go after HGs that she is going to put a target on her back. Josh has several conversations throughout the night with some of the other HGs about how bad it looks when they all gang up on their target each week and they have to stop doing that. I think this is the most mature thing I have heard him say all season!

Paul told Alex last night that Kevin is the one that took the $25,000. He tells her that Kevin told Josh first and then when Paul asked Kevin he confirmed it. He tells her to keep it quiet for now and they will drop the bomb later. Alex then brings up the hinky votes and she tells him that she thinks it was Kevin, Paul knows it was Kevin because it was his idea! Paul plays it off like he had no idea, but it makes sense. Later while Alex and Jason are talking, she brings up this information and tells him that she thinks it’s weird that it’s all of a sudden coming out.

Throughout the rest of the night Kevin is starting to act really nervous with Alex and Paul. There is a lot of talk about getting Mark out next and then Kevin. The fighting is getting more frequent and the HGs seem to be slowly imploding. If you haven’t voted for your favorite HG in this week’s poll make sure you do so here! Stay tuned for the results a little later today!

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