Yesterday was the day before Double Eviction day on the Big Brother 2017 live feeds and even though the HGs don’t know that for sure, they have been expecting one soon. Yesterday’s feeds started off Cody talking through the cameras to production. He was making song requests and the camera operators mess with him a little bit. It was actually pretty funny to watch.

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 7 - Wednesday

The first conversation between HGs was with Paul and Matt. Paul tells Matt that Mark said he’s going to win HOH to make a statement. Paul tells Matt that he asked Mark if he was going to take a shot at him and he told him no. Paul was also telling Matt that he hopes Josh wins HOH and takes Mark out. There is also a conversation between them about Kevin and how he’s on the outs with the group because of him spending time with Cody and Mark. After this Paul moves on to tell Christmas, Alex and Josh about the conversation with Mark.

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The HGs are given a backyard challenge, it’s a shuffleboard. Everyone got eight shots to practice. Check out the thumbnails below for some screenshots of the practice. Click on the image to make it larger.

After the backyard practice, there is a conversation between Cody, Mark and Elena. Cody tells them that he is going to try and shift the target off them in his eviction speech. Mark isn’t convinced that will work, but Elena thinks that Cody might be trying to point fingers at Alex or Jason before he goes.

Elena tells Paul that Mark claims Alex said she would vote Paul out if it was good for her game and that makes Paul wonder if the HGs are trying to pit him against Mark. She then tells Paul that it doesn’t matter what she thinks about that because she is going home next, Paul tells her she isn’t going home this week or next week. Paul is telling Elena that when the yard is open they have to talk, that way people will back off.

Later on Mark, Cody and Elena are talking again and they are talking about ways to mess with the HGs. Elena mentions messing with the food, throwing out the hot dogs so that the HNs can’t eat them. Mark says there will be a riot. They then talk about how Cody will vote later on. He says he honestly couldn’t care less and suggests that he might flip a coin or something.

There are a lot of talks about how upset the HGs are because Kevin is making F2 deals with multiple HGs. Paul mentions wanting to make Kevin angry, but Josh asks why they are doing this now. Paul tells him it’s a slow build to make him snap. Josh then tells them that Matt is starting to annoy him, but Paul and Alex want to go storm into the HN room where Kevin is.

Later there is a conversation between Christmas and Alex. Alex is telling her how upset she is about Kevin making multiple F2 deals and Christmas says that he hasn’t even talked F3 with her. Alex also tells her that Christmas’ name didn’t come up in his deal pitch to Cody. I thought it was crazy that Kevin never mentioned Christmas’ name in any of those considering how close they are. Later there are talks about trying to make Kevin paranoid. Paul also mentions how Matt and Raven are annoying, but not the problem right now. Mark and Kevin are.

There is a conversation with Alex and Cody. Alex is telling him how she never lied to him, how she cooked for him and always talked to him when other’s wouldn’t. Cody tells her that he is sorry and she tells him that’s all she ever wanted from him. He then leaves the room. She then tells Paul about this conversation. She also tells him how Cody, Mark and Elena are having Bible study in the rose room. During this chat, they come to the conclusion that Mark is the next target and they are going to keep Kevin around for now.

Kevin still thinks he can trust Paul and he tells Paul that he thinks Alex is power-tripping and points out how close her and Jason are. He tells Paul that it will obviously two on two if they both make it to F4. Paul goes back and tells Alex and Jason all of this. Jason then goes to talk to Kevin and tells him to relax with the problem with Alex. Jason also tells Kevin that he should start observing things with her more so that he can gauge what he is doing that drives her crazy.

The rest of the night was Alex and Elena trying to out prank each other. Elena dumping ice trays to make Alex mad, Alex filling the sugar container with salt, Elena dumps more ice trays out, but this time Alex sees her do it on the HOH cameras. Elena is worried later that Alex might know what she did (she does).

So tonight is a double eviction and there is no plan to blindside anyone so it looks like Cody will be the first HG in the Jury house. Also, tomorrow is a special episode of Big Brother 19! The feeds will be down from sometime today before the DE episode until tomorrow night after the special episode. Who are you hoping to see join Cody in the Jury house tonight? Let me know in the comments below!

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