Early wake up for the Big Brother 19 HGs as the production team has offered them special eclipse glasses so they can enjoy it. There are a lot of chats between HGs about other HGs and then we also found out how the Veto Ceremony played out for this week. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all the details right here!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 8 - Monday

Around noon BBT the feeds cut for the Veto Ceremony and when the feeds came back we knew right away what happened. Keep reading my Big Brother 19 live feeds recap to find out all the details of what the HGs talked about and how the Veto Ceremony went right here!

Live Feeds

Prior to the Veto Ceremony there were a lot of chats about how Raven is starting to get on everyone’s nerves. Jason actually questions if she is really sick with all those ailments or if she is using most of them to gain sympathy with the house. If she is really that sick, no one wants to be mean to her. I feel like we have all been wondering this for a while now too. Christmas has planted seeds with Matt and Raven though to make sure that Alex and Jason are their target if they should win HOH next week. Their plan is to nominate both of them to make sure that one of them goes home.

Feeds cut for Veto Ceremony and when they come back we find out that Jason used the Veto to save himself and Christmas renom’d Mark. We knew this was her plan, but when she kept saying she was going to make a “big move” this week, we definitely didn’t think that it was going to be Mark. I think Mark was the safe and easy choice because he put a target on his back being friends with Cody and Jessica. She couldn’t go after Paul this week, not that we really thought she would, but Alex or Jason would have been a bigger move in my opinion.

There is a conversation between Mark and Christmas after the Veto Ceremony where she is explaining herself. She’s coming off as upset that she had to do this and tells him it wasn’t an easy decision. She even thanks him for being so cool about the whole thing. Mark has every intention of enjoying his last few days in the house.

Kevin tells Jason if he wins HOH he is putting Matt and Raven up, Jason tells him that’s what everyone’s plan is. Later we see Christmas camtalking about how she needs Matt or Raven to win HOH so they can take out a major player, I thought that was her plan this week? I hate how no one wants to get their own hands dirty in this house. There was a lot of Kevin bashing going on in the house yesterday, as there has been for a few days now. He is really making the target on his back bigger. All he is trying to do is talk game with Paul and I think that Kevin is confused as to why no one wants to work with him all of a sudden. Kevin hasn’t been Kevin in a while. He seems like this game is really starting to get to him.

Christmas finally admits to Josh that she was one of the hinky votes for Cody, he tells her he had a feeling because it was written all over her face. Josh tells Matt, Paul and Christmas that they can’t let Alex or Jason win the next HOH, he is worried that they would go after one of them. Matt tells them that if he wins HOH he is putting them both up and they all point out that it might be better to get Jason out first because he would be a loose cannon without Alex. Later, Josh and Paul are talking and Jose tells him that he isn’t sure he can trust Matt to go after Alex and Jason, Paul disagrees.

Paul is talking to Matt and Raven about throwing the HOH to Matt if it comes down to the three of them. Matt likes the idea and Paul tells him that if they make the move to take out Alex or Jason then he will throw Kevin into the mix as the next target to make sure that Matt is safe. Paul is still playing the “if I’m in the F2, I lose” card again.

Later Paul and Christmas talk about whether she really trusts them to go after Alex and Jason. Christmas makes a comment about how she wonders if she made a mistake not putting Alex up in Jason’s place. Paul tells her she didn’t, but I think the rest of us think she did! Christmas also made a comment about thinking more strategically now that she isn’t on her nerve blockers, that made me laugh a little.

Matt and Paul talk again later about going after Jason because Matt thinks that Raven and Alex have a good relationship. He thinks that they can maintain a relationship with Alex even if they get Jason out. Paul doesn’t agree with this and goes back to Christmas to tell her all about the conversation. He also tells her that he has noticed that Matt gameplay has been shielding Raven. Paul goes to Alex to plant seeds with her to go after Matt and Raven if they win HOH.

Alex and Jason chat a little bit later and Alex says that she is worried that Paul would sweep Jury if he made it to F2, but she’s ok with her, Paul and Jason going to F3. What??? Really??? Paul camtalks later about how he had short notice when he was told he was coming back, but he did it because he loves this game. He also mentions that he was missing out on a lot of thing, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

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