The Big Brother 19 house was on the quiet side yesterday morning, mostly because half of the HGs didn’t seem to remember there is a “No Sleeping from 10am-10pm” rule. When all the HGs got up they spent a good portion of the day talking about the rat that has taken up residency in the Big Brother 2017 house.

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 8 - Saturday

This is a look at what happens when the one person you don’t want playing in Veto ends up picked for Veto. After the POV players were picked, the rest of the house started to scramble a bit. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all the details of what happened in the Big Brother house on Veto day!

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Jason and Alex have a conversation about needing to start clipping the others off. Alex tells him that’s why it’s important for them to start winning HOH comps. Jason starts getting really paranoid about being on the block this week, especially now that Mark has been picked to play. He tells Kevin that he thinks something fishy is going on, he was right because Christmas and Paul were talking about how they need to get Jason out of the house this week if Mark wins Veto. They think that if they get Jason out, Alex and Kevin will kill each other and eventually one will take the other out. Later, Christmas and Paul revisit this conversation and Christmas says that they have to keep Alex happy for now. Paul says they will see how POV plays out.

Meanwhile, Kevin is still making a lot of people mad in the house. Jason and Alex are convinced he’s telling everyone else their game, he’s really pushing to get Matt out if Mark wins Veto and he asks Paul every half hour “are we good?” He is really irking everyone’s nerves in the house and he is acting really weird. I’ve noticed that he stares into space a lot and he always has this depressed look on his face. I think that the game might finally be getting to him especially now that Jessica, Cody and Elena are out of the house and Mark is the target this week.

Feeds cut for Veto around 6pm BBT (Big Brother Time). When they come back, the players are covered in something pretty nasty looking. We later find out that it might be Crisco and that the comp was a grease track comp and Zingbot made an appearance. I can’t wait to see this on Wednesday. Jason won the veto and he will obviously use it to save himself. That means the likelihood of Mark being evicted on Thursday is really high.

Mark decides that he is going to go talk to Christmas, try and save himself and he promises her that he had no idea that Christmas was going to be the renom in week 1, why we are continuously going back to week one gameplay is beyond me because they didn’t really know each other and have gotten closer since then. Either way, he didn’t know that Christmas was the renom, Cody told her that him and Dominique knew to stir the pot before he was evicted the first time. He tells her that if she could see him as an ally, he would do everything he could to help her and Josh. She tells him she will think about it and gives him a half-assed apology for trying to backdoor him. Of course she goes and tells Paul about Mark’s pitch and how he asked her to think about it. Paul tells her “no” and then mentions that Alex wants to go after Matt next week so they are in a good position.

Jason and Alex’s punishment costumes ended last night and they couldn’t be happier about it. Do you think that Christmas will actually consider keeping Mark and going after Kevin or Matt? Let me know in the comments below!

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