Yesterday on the Big Brother 19 live feeds we got to see, well, not a whole lot of anything. It was a pretty boring day in the Big Brother 2017 house, however, because of the boredom there was some interesting conversations. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers for the details!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 8 - Tuesday

We started yesterday’s feeds off with Christmas heading to the doctor to get her cast off and the pins out of her foot. She is in a walking boot, but still can’t put too much weight on it. She tells them that she has two more weeks before she can walk on it. She is excited that she will be able to wash her foot and shave her legs.

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Raven manages to lose her bracelet. Literally had it one second and then is was gone. I went back on the feeds and she had it on at 12:57pm BBT while she was cooking and then the feeds go to fish for two minutes. When they come back, she is still cooking, but the bracelet is not on her wrist anymore and the only people in the kitchen with her are Paul, Josh and Christmas. She hasn’t noticed it’s missing yet, but I noticed something.

Fast forward to 2:15pm BBT and Paul finds Raven’s bracelet behind the coffee maker. Now, remember how I said that Paul, Josh and Christmas were the only ones in the kitchen when it disappeared? Christmas is making coffee, moves the pot closer to her so she can pour the water into the tank and then moves it back. When she moves it back, the machine is wobbling like there is something under it and then Jason comes out with the SnapChat glasses and everyone gets distracted.

The reason I pointed all of this out is because Raven is convinced that someone hid the bracelet on her to make her go nuts. She explains that it was made by and given to her by a friend who died of the same disease she has. I’m not sure which one she is referring to seeings how she has like 100. She goes on to tell Matt that she thinks that Kevin hid it on her and then it turned into Alex doing it. She later tells Paul that someone would have had to pick up the coffee maker and put it on top of her bracelet intentionally. Funny part of this is, Christmas told her that it may have happened accidentally when she was making coffee 20 minutes prior when Paul found it! She is really just carrying on for no reason.

Now that I have wasted three paragraphs on the missing bracelet, there was an interesting conversation between Jason and Mark and then Jason and Alex that I want to point out. Mark is campaigning to Jason and throwing out how if he stays in the house and him, Jason or Alex win HOH they can put Josh, Christmas or Raven up. Mark tells Jason that he really wants to work with him and this gets Jason’s wheels turning. He goes to Kevin and tells Kevin that he wants to send Matt home this week. Kevin doesn’t think they can get the votes and Jason tells him all they have to do is get Alex and Paul on board.

Here is the problem, they have to get Alex and Paul on board and that isn’t going to happen. Jason tells Alex that he wants to send Matt home this week instead of Mark and she flips on him and tells him that if he ruins their chance at F3 she will kill him. She is not happy with him trying to stir things up. What she doesn’t realize is she isn’t going to make it to F3 unless they keep Mark and build numbers against Paul.

Mark continues to rally votes all night, Kevin agrees to vote to keep Mark if he can convince Alex to do the same. Jason has already agreed to vote to keep him. Even if Alex agrees to vote to keep him, they still need one more vote. There are six votes this week. Jason, Kevin and Alex only make three. There is no way that Paul and Josh are going to flip and Raven sure isn’t either. The best he could do is a tie with Christmas as the tie breaker, it doesn’t look good.

The night continued with a lot of small talk between the HGs about how annoying Raven is, how they think she is lying about most of her ailments and Mark continues to try and talk people into saving him. I guess we will see how things play out today, but it doesn’t look good for our friend Mark.

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