Yesterday we watched as the Tree of Temptation in the Big Brother 19 house lit up red and not a single HG thought that they should risk picking an apple. Six hours after the tree lit up, they finally turned it off and the HGs couldn’t believe it took that long. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to find out what else happened in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 9 - Friday

Paul camtalked a little yesterday morning about how he threw the HOH comp because he didn’t want Jason and Alex to think he was too strong to keep around. This way he is guaranteeing that they will take him to the end and then he can turn things up and beat them out later on. 

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Yesterday Paul did more talking to convince Raven and Matt that Jason was most likely going to be using pawns to keep Kevin unaware of what’s going on. They are convinced that Kevin is the real target. Matt and Raven start to get a little nervous about going up later on in the afternoon, but Christmas tells them that Kevin is Jason’s target because the mental comps are coming and that’s where Kevin will excel. Matt and Raven were saying that they were worried about Jason not putting Kevin up because he is’t a threat to Jason.

Everyone at one point or another in the day were talking about Alex and Jason’s deal during the HOH. No one seems to understand why they needed to make a deal if they are so close. I also want to point out that Alex asked for his Jury vote in the deal. Does anyone else see the problem with this? If you don’t, then let me break it down. Alex has promised Jason time and time again that he is her F2, see where I’m going with this? No? Okay, so if she is bringing him to F2, how he is going to vote for her in Jury if she makes it to F2? She has no intentions of bringing Jason to F2.

Raven was playing dress up with Matt all day yesterday, probably because of Julie’s comment about how he is always wearing the same shirt. Later, Raven gets really upset with Matt because he is still going around saying he doesn’t have a girlfriend, ummm shouldn’t this be clue number….I lost count! They won’t be together after the show, that’s all I’m saying. Speaking of Matt and Raven, Jason and Paul decided that it is strategically better for them to take out Matt before Raven and Paul tells him that if Matt wins POV, he might take Raven down with it.

At around 5:30pm BBT, the feeds cut for nominations. When they come back up we find out that Matt and Raven were put up, as planned. Now they have to figure out the next step, the Veto comp. The talks about who will use the veto on who have started and everyone agrees that Kevin would be the renom if Matt or Raven win it, what are the chances of that?

Two hours after the noms ceremony, the feeds cut to animal loops again. When they come back, about 40 minutes later, we find out that the players for Veto have been picked early. Jason, Matt and Raven will be joined by Josh, Paul and Kevin. Everyone in the house is going a little nuts about the POV players being picked early. They all think that with the POV being early, there might be a Sunday eviction, there isn’t going to be.

After the POV players were picked, they all decide that if someone other than Matt and Raven win the POV, it shouldn’t be used. Alex and Jason have a separate conversation about how after Matt and Raven are out of the Veto comp, they should let Kevin or Josh win it.  I think production was just messing with them because the POV never even happened last night. They all stayed up really late waiting for it too. Josh was the last in bed and that was at about 3:30am BBT.

That brings us to right here, right now. We are currently waiting for the HGs to walk up and for the POV to happen. As soon as the POV happens I will have the results here for you!

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