The Big Brother 19 live feeds were heated yesterday and it lead to a lot of screaming and fighting between some of the houseguests. Everything started off on the quiet side and then the Big Brother live feeds cut for the Veto Ceremony. We knew things were going to be a little crazy, but we got so much more! Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers for all the details!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 9 - Monday

We all knew what Jason’s plan was going into the Veto Ceremony, but we were all wondering if he was going to stick to his plan. Well around noon BBT we found out and I really thought that I was watching World War III in the Big Brother 19 house. Keep reading for all the details of what happened on the Big Brother 2017 live feeds right here!

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There really isn’t anything to talk about before the Veto Ceremony happened, however, after the Ceremony, things got a little heated. When the feeds came back from the Veto Ceremony, we see Raven and Matt clearly upset and Jason in the storage room with Alex. After he leaves the storage room, Matt and Raven come in and start screaming at Jason. Raven is mad because she thinks Jason lied to her. She is insisting that he told her that he would use the Veto on one of them after the nomination ceremony.

Matt found his voice and called Jason every name in the book because Jason hid in the storage room after the Veto Ceremony. There was a ton of screaming and Alex comes out and tells Matt and Raven that Jason wasn’t hiding, she went into the storage room after him and they were arguing, that’s why Jason didn’t come out right away. Matt and Raven are telling him that they don’t care if his plan was to put them up, they are mad because he made it seem like he was going to use the Veto on one of them. This argument went on for about a half hour or so.

After the HGs start to calm down, Matt tells Kevin that he wants Kevin to admit that he voted against Matt in the last eviction. Kevin tells him that he voted for Mark (he did) and then tells Matt that maybe he should ask everyone the same question, but he didn’t. Then the arguing starts up again about who voted for Matt last week, everyone denies it. Things have calmed down again.

Things go back to normal for a little bit with PaulJosh and Alex bashing Kevin some more, Kevin asking Jason why Alex is so upset with him and Raven crying. Matt has specifically asked all the HGs to vote him out this week. Tells everyone that he plans to break the HN rules and earn himself penalty votes.

The next big blow out starts around 2pm BBT and it’s between Josh and Kevin. Christmas yells at Kevin for asking her if she is going swimming, he tells her he meant to say “are you going to sit by the pool.” She is using this comment to start a fight with Kevin and Kevin gets upset. Then Josh calls Kevin out for the $25,000 but he denies having it and tells Josh that maybe he has it. Josh tells Kevin to swear on his kids that he didn’t get the $25k. Kevin tells Josh not to put his family in this, Josh continues to put Kevin’s buttons. He mentions Kevin’s family again, Kevin rushes the counter and grabs a glass off the counter and the feeds cut. 35 minutes later, they come back for a split second and you see all of the HGs except for Josh. Another half hour later, they come back up.

When the feeds come back up, Kevin is apologizing to Christmas for yelling at her in their fight about his comment. Christmas tells Kevin that she really wished that Josh didn’t get involved and then tells Kevin just to keep being him, keep telling his stories and keep hanging around. You can tell that sometimes Kevin doesn’t feel like he belongs in the house and he hasn’t been telling as many stories and stuff since all this stuff started with Paul and Alex trying to turn the house against him. Jason is inside, clearly upset with Kevin for what happened. Kevin goes inside to talk to Josh. He apologizes to Josh and tells him that he never would have actually hit him, Josh tells him the same and they shake hands. Josh accepted Kevin’s apology.

Raven and Alex are talking about throwing away all the slop because Kevin doesn’t know how to make it and Matt isn’t eating it anyways. Alex tells Josh that he isn’t allowed to make Kevin slop anymore. Later, Kevin goes to look for it and it’s gone, Alex either hid it or threw it away. Paul tells him he doesn’t know where it is. We find out a little later that Alex threw it away because Paul and Raven are laughing about it.

Kevin thinks that it was Raven that threw it away and he goes to complain to Jason about it. He mentions needing to bring it to bed with him so that Raven doesn’t throw it all out on him again. Alex tells him to stop complaining about it and just make more. She tells him it isn’t a big deal and he tells her that it’s vicious.

At 6:03pm BBT, Jason calls the HGs to the living room and he has a card from production. He reads it to the HGs and it tells them all that Matt has officially received a penalty vote for eating regular food as a HN. After this Jason gives Kevin some tips on how to make the slop, Alex gets pissed at him later for this. Meanwhile, Matt is taking hot showers, eating a sandwich and drinking soda (all against the HN rules).

Later, Jason tells everyone that they should try being a little nicer to Kevin instead of trying to make his life miserable and Josh agrees. The guy who Kevin threatened to bash in the head with a glass agreed that they should be nicer to Kevin! Yet Alex tells Jason that she is going to make sure that Kevin knows she hates him. Paul even made Kevin slop later on last night.

The night winds down with the HGs talking about who their next target is. Paul and Alex agree that Kevin should be the next target, Josh, Christmas and Paul agree that Jason should be the next target. Kevin asks Jason to talk to Alex about her being so nasty to him and mentions that there isn’t any fun allowed anymore.

We also get a little camtalking from Josh who is starting to really wonder if Paul is with him and Christmas 100% or if he is playing all sides of the house. He is….

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