The morning started off a little slow as the Big Brother 19 HGs were waiting for the POV comp to start. The HGs sat around talking about some plans, they practiced their dates and then it was off to a five and a half hour POV comp. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers for all the details of yesterday’s feeds!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 9 - Saturday

After the eviction is where all the excitement started in the Big Brother 19 house. Prior to the POV comp the plan was not to use the Veto and just keep noms the same, or at least that’s what the HOH’s plan was. Well Paul and the rest of his herd had a different plan. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 live feeds recap to find out what happened when Jason went against the herd.

Live Feeds

The morning was uneventful with the HG just sitting around having the usual chats. Feeds went down for POV and five and half hours later they came back up. We found out that Jason won the POV. Shortly after they got back in from the comp and started to clean the house a bit from the Hide and Go Veto comp that literally destroyed the house, Jason and Kevin had a conversation.

Kevin asks him if the plan is to get rid of Matt, Jason insists to Kevin that is the plan and then tells him that the rest of the house wanted him to take Raven down with the Veto and renom Kevin. He tells Kevin he isn’t going to do that, there is no reason to mess with the noms if the target is already on the block, right? Well this conversation comes after Paul promised Raven that Jason was going to use the Veto. Needless to say, Kevin is upset that the whole house was ok with him being put up as a renom.

While Jason and Kevin were having their conversation, Paul, Christmas and Josh are all talking about how Kevin would be a number for Alex and Jason and they should just vote out Kevin while they have him on the block. They were convinced that getting Kevin up as a renom was going to be a piece of cake and they would have this choice, but that’s where all hell breaks loose in the house!

Paul goes to Jason, Alex and Kevin to try and convince him to put Kevin up on the block as a “pawn.” They decide that they want Matt gone and Jason tells Paul that he already told Kevin the plan. Paul tells him that putting Kevin up as a pawn with Matt would keep Raven and Matt calm, but Jason doesn’t really seem to care about that at all.

Things get a little heated across the house, Alex and Christmas are talking about how Kevin must be an undercover cop like Derrick because when Derrick was in the house, he called Kevin “Kev”. Kevin already told us that he met Derrick at Quincey Market in one of his DR sessions. Alex thinks Kevin needs to go, she has for weeks and has made that very clear to everyone in the house.

Paul is having a conversation with Raven and Matt about how they shouldn’t worry because Jason is talking about how much he can’t stand Kevin. Alex goes to Jason to try and talk him into putting Kevin on the block so they can get rid of him, but Jason tells him that he can’t do that. Christmas tries to tell him that he is going to lose Jury votes if he doesn’t go with this plan, but again, Jason doesn’t seem to care. Alex is upset because she thinks that this move isn’t going to just ruin his game, but it’s going to ruin her game also.

Later, Jason and Paul have a conversation while in the hot tub about how Jason thinks that Alex is lying to him. He thinks that the only reason that she wants him to put Kevin up is so that she can vote him out. Not because it’s a good game move. Jason then tells Paul that he hates that she blindly threw him under the bus.

He also tells Paul that he is tired of being a minion and doing everything that he is predetermined to do! It’s about time someone is using their brain! There is still hope! Oh, I want to note something really quick, Raven has a new ailment to add to her list. While they were all sitting in and around the hot tub, she tells Paul and Jason that she has to get surgery on one of her knees because she has “rough knee cap syndrome.”

Later there is some chatter about this maybe being a Sunday eviction, there has never been a Sunday eviction, but because Paul said there has been everyone believes it. Everyone in the house plans on telling Raven and Matt that Jason plans on using the POV on her and renom’ing Kevin and then they are all going to deny that they knew he wasn’t using the POV. Which is essentially going to put a huge target on his back.

At some point they all agree with Jason’s plan to evict Matt and keep the noms the same, but that doesn’t stop everyone from trying to convince Jason otherwise. Christmas brings up the two jury votes he will lose, he tells her they wouldn’t vote for him anyways (which is probably true). Jason tells Alex that he felt that she was trying to get Kevin up so that she could flip the house and get Kevin out (which was the plan), but she denies that she wouldn’t mislead him like that. Before bed Kevin goes to talk to Jason again and Jason confirms with him that he plans on keeping the noms the same still.

I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow at the Veto Ceremony! I really hope that Jason continues to think for himself and make his own moves. At the same time, I hope that Alex continues to be his “ride or die” because I don’t want to see Jason evicted next week. We are just going to have to wait and see!

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