Yesterday on the Big Brother 19 live feeds, the HGs were back to attacking Kevin who is their next target, before Matt is even out the door. Alex has been the center of these attacks, she has made it quite clear that she doesn’t like Kevin, but at this point, I think that we can all agree that her attacks are disrespectful and not even game oriented. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers for the details!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 9 - Tuesday

Aside from the normal behaviors from Alex and the rest of the house trying to make Kevin’s life miserable, we have Matt who is just disrespecting the game in general. He is breaking every Have-Not rule all because he wants to leave the Big Brother 19 house instead of Raven. He has already received a penalty vote from production, what should be next step?

Live Feeds

We started off the day with Matt being yelled at by production for taking a hot shower, it doesn’t seem to be phasing him at this point.

Alex is talking to Jason about game moves and their F4 deal that they originally made with Paul and Kevin and she tells Jason there is no way they are taking Kevin to F4 anymore. She also adds that she isn’t even going to talk game with him anymore because he asks too many questions. She then moves on to how she thinks Kevin is a murderer because he acts like murderers do in all those shows. Someone has watched too many crime shows. She then compares him to a child molester saying that he finds weak people to pray on because they won’t tell on him. Truly a disgusting comment in my opinion.

Later there is a conversation between Kevin and Matt. Kevin asks Matt if he really thinks that Kevin voted against him and Matt tells him that he did at first. Kevin tells Matt that he would never do that and he has told the truth to everyone from day one about everything except one thing. He tells Matt that he is the one who won the $25,000 on night one. Matt tells him that keeping that to himself was probably a good idea. Matt later tells Raven and Paul that Kevin told him about the money.

Jason and Josh have a conversation later about how they both really like Kevin as a person, but it’s time for him to go. Jason told Josh that he should have put Kevin up on the block this week, but he was afraid that they would have voted him out instead of Matt. Josh tells him that they would have. They then talk about how Kevin is trying to secure a jury vote by being friendly to Matt. Josh tells Jason that Kevin is everyone’s next target.

Alex continues to make her nasty comments to Kevin about how old he is, how he has leathery skin and telling him he is going to get cancer. She is actually bragging about this. She also said earlier in the day that she hopes that her Big Brother fame will make her money outside of the house, I doubt that highly with these comments. She later asks Paul to tell Kevin that he has dementia. She is really taking this to a whole new level of nastiness.

You want to hear the stupidest comment of Big Brother 19 history? Raven and Matt are talking about Raven’s ideal F3. She tells him it would be with Paul and Christmas and Matt tells her that she would lose to Paul in F2. She tells him, are you ready for this? She is okay with losing to Paul! What is wrong with these people??? How are you okay with losing to someone and okay with bringing them to F2 with you instead of the girl you could probably beat!? I’m am completely dumbfounded by these HGs this season.

Later in the evening, things get a little heated again in the house. Matt, Raven, Paul and Josh are all talking in the yard, Kevin is sitting on the other side of the yard. Matt goes inside to use the bathroom and as he is walking by Kevin, Kevin asks him if they are all talking about him. Matt flips out and starts screaming at Kevin. Kevin goes over to talk to Paul and Josh after Rave goes inside with Matt and tells them that he didn’t tell Matt anything and that whatever he is saying is all lies (it’s not though, Kevin was just expecting Matt to not say anything about their earlier conversation). Feeds cut for an hour and 45 minutes.

When the feeds came back at 8:30pm BBT, everyone is still in the house, but it sounds like there was a fight. Kevin and Christmas are talking and Kevin is telling her that the others messing with his stuff should not be okay. Christmas tells him that as long as they aren’t doing harm to him, Big Brother won’t step in. Kevin tells her that he has no one in this game, Christmas tells him “I got you” and then adds that he isn’t alone.

Alex, Jason and Josh are talking about the fight while the feeds were out and apparently Alex put herself into the middle of it and she is pretty proud of herself. She is bragging about all the things she has been saying to Kevin has finally driven him crazy. They are all thinking about the horrible things that they have said and Josh says that they have said some pretty bad things. Alex tells him that it could be way worse. I think that’s debatable.

The rest of the night goes by with Paul trying to calm Kevin’s nerves by telling him that Jason and Alex are the target next week and tells Kevin to lay low. The rest of the house is talking about how petty Kevin has been acting, but I’m pretty sure everyone is acting pretty petty at this point.

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