It was a pretty uneventful Eviction Eve in the Big Brother 19 house. The HGs have decided on who their new targets are going to be and they are just waiting for tonight at make it all happen. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers if you want all the details of yesterdays live feeds!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 9 - Wednesday

Other than some game chat between the remaining HGs, there was more blatant Have-Not rule breaking from Matt. He continued to eat regular food, he continued to drink soda, take hot showers and he hasn’t slept in the HN room since the Veto Ceremony which took place on Monday. At this point it seems as though production has given up.

Live Feeds

The day started off with Jason and Kevin talking and Kevin is still extremely upset with all the attacks and the lying. Kevin tells Jason that they can stop because he knows he is the next one out. He mentions how the group sets their target and that’s it, they’re gone. Jason warns Kevin that everything he told Matt was relayed to Christmas and then she went and told Alex everything. Kevin mentions that he is toying with the idea of voting for Raven just to mess with her.

Paul is planning out how to back stab Alex and Jason. He has convinced Alex to throw the HOH comp (dummy). Paul tells Alex that they have decided that either Raven or Kevin are next to go, Alex makes it known that she wants Kevin out, again. Raven and Christmas are talking about how arrogant Alex and Jason are and how Alex is walking around talking about being in the house the next few weeks like she has nothing to worry about in the house. Everyone seems to have made up their mind that they are pretty sick of Alex and Jason at this point.

Kevin tells Jason that he is going to avoid Matt so that Matt doesn’t start attacking him again, Matt asked Josh earlier if there was anyone he should attack before he goes. He also adds that he isn’t going to throw the HOH comp on Thursday. Later Paul tries to talk him into it and Kevin tells him that he trusts him. I don’t think he does though. I think Kevin has realized that this is him against the house. Kevin also tells Jason that he would feel okay up against Raven because he doesn’t think that Jason, Paul, Christmas or Josh would vote him out over Raven. He is sadly mistaken about that though.

Christmas and Josh are talking game and how they are confident that they can get Alex and Jason out in the next two evictions and then they can get Raven out, Paul can get Kevin out and then they are in the F3 with Paul. I really wish that they would smarten up and get Paul out before F3! They really don’t realize that they would probably lose to him in the end because he has made them all do his dirty work over the season. He hasn’t gotten his hands dirty. The only people that wouldn’t vote for Paul in Jury are Cody and maybe Mark.

Paul revisits Alex trying to convince her that throwing the HOH is a good move. Paul tells her that he can talk Kevin into throwing it and as soon as Kevin is down, Alex can drop out too. Nothing too interesting from there, it was actually a pretty early night for the HGs. What do you think about the conversations from yesterday? Do you think Kevin should trust Paul? Do you think that Alex is really going to throw the HOH comp? Who do you want to see win Big Brother 19? With less than three weeks left, we still have a lot of HGs left.

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