Tonight we will get to watch as the HGs compete in the new Temptation Comp on Big Brother 19. The winner of the comp will have safety from eviction this week and the loser of the comp will be put up as a third nomination. If you can’t wait to find out the results of the comp, you can find the results here with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap: Episode 16 - Temptation Competition!

After the Big Brother 2017 Temptation Comp we will see who Paul puts up on the block for eviction, but I already have those results and you can find them here! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 19 and chat with me in the comments below or on social media!

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We start tonight’s episode started off where the show on Thursday ends and Paul, Jessica and Cody talking after the HOH. Meanwhile, we find out that Elena is pissed that Josh is still in the house because she was left out of the plan. Mark is also pretty upset, for obvious reasons and Josh says that Mark has made his time in this house miserable. Meanwhile they do a flashback to 10 hours prior and Josh is making Mark’s day a living hell. Banging pans in his face and screaming at him.

We go back to the moments after Ramses was evicted and Paul won the HOH and Mark and Cody are not happy at all. Paul is talking to Alex and Jason and he isn’t convinced that Jessica has the temptation and plans to put them on the block to try and flush it out if she does have it. Later we see Paul talking to Alex and breaks down his plan. He tells her that he is going to put Cody and Jess up, if they pull themselves down then Elena and Mark go up in their place. He doesn’t realize that the Hex won’t be used until eviction day.

Meanwhile, Paul is starting to plant seeds with Elena about how Mark is bad for her game because he is on Cody’s game. This makes Elena think that Mark is going to put a target on her back if she continues to associate herself with him. Later we see Mark talking to Elena and he is trying to tell her that Cody and Jess want to work with them. She is telling him that she doesn’t understand his obsession with them and tells him that his association with them is making her look bad and she then leaves the room.

The HGs are now finding out what the consequence for the last DoT being taken. They will have the ability to compete in a voluntary competition. The winner will get safety, the loser will be a third nomination. We are about to find out who is going to play! Cody wants to compete, but Jessica is telling him that he doesn’t understand what a poker face is and he is almost insistent on competing, but she doesn’t want to listen to him so she gets up and leaves.

The HGs that compete in the temptation comp are Jason, Matt, Alex and Mark. The comp is Bowlerina and I have to say Jason, Mark and Matt look hilarious in the tutus! They grab a handle and spin to bring the gate down on their lane and have 15 seconds to knock down their pins, if the gate goes up, they have to go back and spin again to get it down.

Jason is the first to go and he can’t stay on his feet because he is so dizzy, but he finally manages to get all four of his pins down in three minutes and 37 seconds. Alex goes second and she gets hers down in one minute and 39 seconds. Mark is up next and he manages to get his down in one minute and 18 seconds. Matt goes last and got two minutes and 35 seconds. That means that Mark won safety for the week and Jason will be the third nominee for eviction.

Later after the comp, Jessica goes to talk to Paul about noms and tells him as vaguely as possible what her temptation is. She tells him that she got a temptation hex and it allows her to keep her and Cody safe for the next couple weeks. She then asks him if there is anything he wants to ask her and he tells her that he needs to do his own research now.

Paul goes back up to his room and he is talking to Alex, Jason and Matt about noms and Alex offers to be the pawn if he needs to put Elena up as a renom. Jason looks at her like she is crazy because then they will both be on the block and Matt steps up and tells him he will do it. Now that Mark is safe, he can’t put the both of them up if Cody and Jessica pull themselves down. He doesn’t know that the hex doesn’t work that way so he is assuming he will just need to pick renoms.

We end the episode off with Paul talking to Jess and she asks him if there are any specific questions he wants to ask her about the Hex and he tells her no. She has now given him two chances to ask questions about it so that this wouldn’t be a wasted HOH for him, but he turned her down both times. It is now time for the nomination ceremony.

Jason is a special third nom because he lost the temptation comp and his two choices for noms are Jessica and Cody. Paul tells them that he has nominated them because of the temptation. He is using this as a way to find out what the temptation really is and if they really have it because they haven’t wanted to explain it to anyone. Everyone also finds it odd that if she has had this safety for two weeks already, why didn’t she use it when she was on the block with Dominique.

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