Tonight we will watch as the HGs compete in the final Temptation Competition on Big Brother 19. The winner will get safety for the week and won’t be able to be put on the block this week. The loser of the Temptation Comp on Big Brother 2017 will be a special third nomination. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap Episode 22 - Temptation Comp and Noms!

After the Temptation Comp, we will find out who will be joining the loser of the Temptation Comp on the block. If you can’t wait for the Temptation Comp results or to find out who the nominations are on Big Brother 19 this week, you can find all the details in my Big Brother 2017 spoilers! Remember to refresh this page for the details of tonight’s episode!

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The episode of Big Brother 19 will begin in just a few moments! Make sure you refresh this page often for up to the minute updates!

We start tonight’s episode off with the HGs celebrating that they broke up Jody and have all made it to Jury! Mark is telling us in the DR that he knows that what Jessica said about Paul is true, but he doesn’t know what to do about it. Matt and Raven are talking about how close Raven was to winning HOH. She thinks that if Cody wins safety, Mark and Elena need to be put up.

Christmas and Josh are talking about how fake Mark and Elena are and how they can’t get in close with Alex. However, Alex already wants to put Matt and Elena up, but Paul thinks that they should make both couples mad. If they do that then they might team up and then recruit Cody into their group and then they have numbers. Alex tells us in her DR that she understands why everyone wants to get Cody out, but she would like to kill another Showmance.

Kevin and Cody are talking in the kitchen about how Cody is probably the target again this week, he is used to it. Cody tells him that he would never go after Alex in this game and he doesn’t understand why she would go after him because he doesn’t have anyone. Alex, Paul, Christmas, Josh and Jason are talking about how Kevin is acting sketchy and getting too close with Cody. Josh goes to get Kevin and they all tell him that he has to be careful with what he says to Cody because he will use it against him later.

Jason and Mark are playing chess and Mark asks him what he thinks about Paul. Mark tells Jason that Paul is the only vet in the house and everyone has been following him since day one. If they take him out of the house, then no one else will know what to do and where to go. Back in the HOH, they are talking about the Temptation Comp and how one of them should throw it to stack the Veto comp. Matt offers to throw it, this is exactly what Alex wants because she wants Elena, Matt and Cody on the block in the end.

Meanwhile we are getting a look at the HGs getting scared by these sounds being played at random throughout the house. Paul, who has obviously been in this house before, he knows that if you hear a sound in the house, you better remember it. It’s important. Paul has actually come up with a little song to help him remember them in the order that they were played.

It is now time for the HGs to decide if they are going to compete in the Temptation Comp. Cody tells us in his DR that he is going to play, but he doesn’t know what his strategy is going to be. Is he going to try and win the safety, or throw it so he can be guaranteed a spot in the POV? We will find out soon enough! The entire house is competing in this Temptation comp except for Christmas.

This comp is called “Where Were You?” and when they get out to the yard they find a blueprint on the ground. They have to stand on the room they were in when they heard the sound mentioned. The person with the most points, wins. Cody tells us in his DR that his strategy is to throw this comp and get a spot in the POV. However, Matt is also trying to throw this. After three questions, Matt and Cody both have zero points. The rest of the house have noticed that Cody is trying to throw this comp. This could be a problem if Matt even gets one right.

However, after the fourth question, Cody accidentally gets one right and Paul mentions that Cody should have defaulted for the HOH room because he wasn’t in there all week. He’s obviously being vicious. Cody is praying at this point that Matt gets at least one wrong because he plans on continuing with his strategy.

In the end, Matt doesn’t get any right and manages to throw this competition and takes up the third nomination. Mark manages to win this comp and he is feeling pretty good about it because it was a mental comp. Alex is pretty upset that Mark is safe because he was one of her noms. Cody is disappointed in not being able to throw the comp and is hoping that someone else manages to make themselves a target.

Cody is telling us that he needs to start putting in everyone’s heads that Paul is running this house, but he doesn’t think anyone will listen to him. Alex is thinking about who she should put up on the block, Jason tells her that him or Paul should be up. They run it by Paul, but Paul doesn’t want to be on the block, he doesn’t tell him that. He make it seem like he’s ok with being a pawn, luckily for Paul, Jason wants to compete.

Elena is told that she is going to be a pawn and she asks if the Veto could be used to take her off, they tell her “sure,” but they plan on taking Jason off. Elena then goes into the HN room and Cody is there. He tells her that when he was going to make that deal with Kevin that he mentioned her and Mark being their targets next. This gets Elena really upset and she mentions to Paul that she is worried because if something goes wrong, she will go home.

Cody is in the lounge with Mark and Elena and she asks Cody if he is picked and wins Veto, will he pull her down. He tells her that he would. Christmas is in the bathroom and hears this conversation and she calls him out in the kitchen in front of the entire house. Josh then chimes in, meanwhile, Cody is in the HN room listening to the conversation. Things get pretty heated, Mark even tells her that he should have voted her out week one, she tells him that he wouldn’t have had the votes, he tells her “that’s what you think.”

It is time for the nominations, Matt is the third nominee. Alex chooses to nominate Elena and Jason, Cody shakes his head at the Jason nominee. Alex tells Elena it’s part of Big Brother and then tells Jason that she wants to play in Veto with him. If you want to know who played in this week’s POV comp, you can find out right here! You can also find out who won the POV right here!

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