Tonight we will watch as Mark or Matt walk out of the Big Brother 19 house. We all know which HG it is going to be, some of us are in denial, some of us are hoping for a flip and others are okay with Mark leaving tonight. Keep reading to find out what happens on tonight’s episode of Big Brother 2017!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap Episode 28 - Live Eviction and Endurance HOH!

If you have miss anything going on in the Big Brother 19 house, check out my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all caught up! Also, tonight is an endurance HOH, make sure you check out my live HOH results coming up after the show! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode right here with my Big Brother live recap!

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We start tonight’s episode off with Matt, Raven and Paul talking about who they want to target next week and Matt and Raven are talking about how they need to get Jason out first. Paul is completely playing Raven and Matt because he plans on going to the end with Christmas and Josh. Paul then goes to talk to Alex about her targets and Josh and Christmas are on that list and he is trying to get her pecking order so that he knows when he needs to take her out. He thinks that if he brings her to the end, he will walk away with second place again.

Alex and Jason talk about their targets and how Mark needs to go this week and then they have to go after Matt and Raven or else they will take them out first. Paul goes back to Christmas about what Alex’s plans are and he tells Christmas that her and Josh really need to lay low in order for them to make it to F5 with any of them.

Jason and Kevin are in the yard and Jason is getting Kevin and Paul to put on the big inflatable geese on from the pool and chase each other around the yard. It’s pretty amusing. Mark and Jason are playing chess again and Mark is trying to talk him into keeping him and he would also get Alex’s vote, if Jason could pull it off. He then goes to talk to Kevin and asks Kevin if he would vote to keep him if Jason and Alex agree to.

Mark then goes to talk to Paul and tells him that if he could vote to keep Mark, he might be able to get the other votes from Jason, Alex and Kevin. Paul tells us in his DR that if he wanted to keep Mark, he has enough influence in the house to make it happen. They were planning on getting Matt out next week anyways, why not do it now? I think that’s what we are all thinking!

Julie then goes into the house to talk to the HGs and Christmas has her new walking boot. She continues to chat with them a little bit asking them each a question from viewers. We then get a look at the POV comp and the HGs are looking too. They are all laughing hysterically at each other falling. It is pretty funny watching this.

It is time for the live vote and eviction! Here we go:

  • Raven – Mark
  • Josh – Mark
  • Kevin – Mark
  • Jason – Matt
  • Alex – Matt
  • Paul – Mark

With four votes, Mark will be going to the Jury house this week! Stay tuned for the live HOH results coming up soon! To find out who wins this week’s HOH comp called Everyone’s a Weiner, check out my live HOH recap right here!

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