Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 2017 is going to revolve around two things. The first one is Megan’s departure from the show and what events lead to it. We all know about the situation with Josh on Big Brother 19, but according to what they have said on the live feeds, there was more after that. Keep refreshing this page to get all the minute to minute details!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap: Episode 3 - Megan's Departure

The second part of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 19 will show us the results of the Den of Temptation. The Den of Temptation is where America votes to give one HG a temptation, this one is called the Pendant of Protection. This gives one of the Big Brother 2017 HGs immunity for three weeks! Get all the details right here with my Big Brother live recap!

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We start off with the noms ceremony and what everyone’s reaction was. Paul is trying to figure out why he wasn’t targeted and instead, Megan is put up because he doesn’t like her. Jillian is mad because she has been put up twice already and it’s only week one. Josh is trying to make Jillian feel better by telling her that she is a good person and she will come out on top in this.

Meanwhile, Mark and Elena are flirting, Cody and Jessica are flirting, Raven and Matt are flirting. We have showmances all over the place! They have even come up with cute little names for their showmances. Back in the DR, Josh, Mark, Dominique and Christmas are all chatting about the experience so far. Josh is being a cry baby about missing his family and Mark is reminding him that he will at least be able to go home and see them one day, Mark doesn’t have that option, his parents died.

Cody now gets to pick the Have-Nots of the week. Josh, Megan, Jillian, Paul and Ramses are all picked/volunteered for this. They go into the Have-Not room and they find spiked beds but they are told that they can earn a way out. One have not can go into the DR to claim a key to one of two spikes on the wall. Inside there is either a way out or an extension to their stay in the Have-Not room.

Jessica is referring to Alex as “Pao-Pao” and Megan feels like she should know that she has been calling her that. Megan goes over there and tells Alex that she was calling her “Panda,” but she didn’t. Paul then decides to stir the pot by telling Jessica that Megan accused her of being a racist. Jessica goes to talk to Alex and tells her that she didn’t call her a racist name, she told the group that she didn’t want to talk to Cody because he was over there talking to her.

This gets Alex mad because Megan shouldn’t have called her a racist if Jessica didn’t say it. When they confront Megan, Jessica tells Megan that she didn’t call her a panda and never made a racist comment about her. This turns into an attack on Megan and Megan walks away and goes outside. Alex is still going on about it to Jillian though.

When Megan comes back in, Alex leaves the room and calls Megan a b*tch and this was the straw that broke the camels back. This whole thing started over a misunderstanding and someone only telling half truths. If Jessica told Alex what she actually called her, this could have been seen as a misunderstanding and not someone trying to make someone else look like a racist.

Later we see as the HGs are talking about Megan who is in the DR and has been for over an hour. Kevin is getting worried about Megan because she has been in there for hours. The rest of the house is getting worried too because three hours has past. Paul gets some of the HGs to go look for Megan.

Moments later, Cody calls everyone in the living room and has a card in his hand. Inside the card there is a message for the HGs and it says that due to an urgent situation, Megan will not be participating in the show. With her being a nom, Cody has to name another nom by tomorrow.

Cody is bragging about getting all this power in the first week, not even thinking about what they put Megan through that made her quit. Meanwhile, Jessica is still calling Alex Pao Pao behind her back. Jessica really wants Cody to tell Alex that she is a pawn this week, but Cody doesn’t want to nominate her. He really wants to see Alex stay in the house.

Paul has taken the HN temptation and opens one of the boxes on the wall and he manages to win an escape from being a HN this week. Moments later, they see something come on the screen and it says “Den of Temptation” and they get a run down of what this is. One by one they will be brought into the den to be told if they are the ones being tempted by America. Once they win one temptation, they can not win another one.

We watch as all the HGs go into the den and see envelopes with their names on them. They all open the envelopes to find out if they were the ones voted by America to be tempted. Everyone gets a “Sorry you have not been picked by America” until Paul walks in. He gets a letter than says “Congratulations” but if he excepts the Pendant of Protection, he will be safe from eviction, but one HG will be “cursed” for three weeks in his place.

After he chooses a poison vial, he leaves the room. The HG that will be “cursed” is based on the number on the vial, Paul doesn’t know who will be the one poisoned by his choice to take the Pendant. The HGs are called into the living room where they are told that the temptation has been taken and a consequences will be unleashed on the house in due time.

We end tonight’s episode off with Jason and Kevin talking about all the young men going after all the young women in the house. They are having a good laugh about it as the only two married men in the house. We then see Cody talking to Alex as they exercise and he is trying to talk Alex into joining his alliance so that he doesn’t have to put her up. She tells him that if she won HOH her target would be the couples.

It is time to find out who Cody’s renom is and he chooses Alex as his renom. He tells her it’s because he couldn’t find a common interest or common ground. He tells her that he did this now because he wants to compete against her in the POV and he didn’t want to BD her because he does respect her.

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