So, if last night’s episode of Big Brother wasn’t exciting enough with Josh going full roid-rage on Megan, shortly before live feeds started, one HG quit the game! So which HG just up and left the Big Brother 2017 house? You’ll have to keep reading my Big Brother 19 spoilers to find out!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Shocker: Which HG Self-Evicted?

So, we all knew from the start that their might be one or two Big Brother 19 HGs who would cry about being homesick or be super worried about being evicted. Maybe they would even camp out in the DR like Audrey did. Did you ever think that someone would QUIT Big Brother 2017? Well someone did and I have all the details!

Big Brother Live Feeds

So, when I said I had all the details, well that’s because there aren’t many details to give. Live Feeds turned on for the first time last night and when they came on, we noticed something odd. There was a missing HG! Megan Lowder has quit the Big Brother 19 experience! We are down a HG and a Nom this week!

All we saw on feeds regarding Megan’s departure was Raven and Christmas chatting it up in the bathroom about how upset and angry they were over Megan quitting the game. There was also some chatter about there being a fight and Megan being caught in a bunch of lies.

They explain that Megan had gone into the DR and was in there for three hours before they all realized that she had walked. They continue to talk about how Megan either was so arrogant that she didn’t think she was going to get caught in her lies or she thought her fellow HGs were so ignorant they wouldn’t figure it out.

So, just a recap, Megan couldn’t handle the pressure of being caught in a bunch of lies and has left the Big Brother 19 house!

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